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Ms. Mushko; Period 4 English

I believe that the statement "It is better to die for something that you believe in rather than to lie to save your life." is true. It all depends on what you believe in really. A person has to believe in themsleves, give themselves a purpose, and have the courage to stick to their beliefs.
A person has to believe in themselves first. If somebody does not believe in themself, how can they believe in something else? If somebody believes in themself they wouldn't want to lie. Instead, they would want to stand up for what they believe in and not give in to what was expected of them to believe in. Why should somebody have to keep their beliefs quiet and lie to survive?
To stand by their beliefs, a person has to have some type of purpose to. It could be a personal reason, or even a religous reason. The religion that they practice could affect their decisions and beliefs. Perhaps something person happened to give them certain beliefs and they want to stand up for them. There could be many different purposes for believing in something strongly.
Courage is a big thing that is needed to believe in something enough to die for it. You would have to have enough courage to stand up for your beliefs. Especially if a result was dying. The person would have to have enough courage to follow through with what they believed in. They wouldn't lie and say something that was the oppostie of what they believed in.
Many people believe that dying for something that you believe in is better than lying to save your life. Three things play a role in this, believing in yourself, having a purpose and having courage.

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