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Crucible - Ms. Mushko Pd.4

The Crucible - Courage

“Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome”

I believe that courage can be looked at in many different ways, and has some degree of difficulty with actions that are sometimes seen as fierce or an act of kindness. There are acts of courage that can be seen as extreme and average. A better known example of extreme courage is when members of the military volunteer, or are assigned, for dangerous missions. There is a large amount of the civilian population in the U.S. who would have difficulty with executing the missions given to those in the military. The Armed Forces use the saying “No man left behind”, and our service members need courage to follow this when in combat. They need the courage to rescue those who are wounded even if it could cost their own lives. Not only does the military deal with dangers requiring courage, but police officers and security personnel need courage which can also be included as extreme; especially when they are confronted by armed criminals. When firefighters are entering a burning building to save those trapped inside, or first responders have to rescue someone in need of help, they need an extreme amount of courage to save those in need of rescue. Another great example is when someone donates an organ or body part to a family member, friend, or a complete stranger, not knowing what their own health will be like after the operation. It is also extreme courage for a parent or parents to risk their lives for their children. The astronauts that went on the next mission after the Challenger tragedy also needed extreme courage since they didn’t know if the same problems would happen to them. Not all courage has to be extreme; some courage is average and can be seen through everyday people. It can be your friend, a co-worker, someone in your family, a neighbor, or a stranger. Sometimes, average everyday courage can be the hardest to find in other people and even yourself. That doesn’t mean it is easy to do something courageous. A great example is telling the truth about something that could have negative consequences or punishments attached. This is something that is very difficult for a large amount of people. Someone standing up to a bully for someone else’s sake and saying no to “a friend” who wants you to do drugs also fall under the category of average courage. They both have a large amount of difficulty, but they are able to be accomplished with the right amount of courage. One of the simplest ways to show average courage is being a friend to someone who is less liked or an outcast. Sometimes you don’t need a large amount of courage; you only need a small amount to make a difference for someone else. That doesn’t mean being courageous is easy. It is most often dangerous and/or fearsome. All of these examples of extreme and average courage have several things in common. They all require a deliberate choice on the part of the person performing them, and the act, whether big or small, entails some degree of danger or risk. Every day many people are faced with situations that require courage.

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