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Fallen Angels Anticipation Guide After

Mekhi Jones
English 9 Honors
December 7,2012
After Life
My opinion changed on whether or not the United States of America has a responsibility to use military force against other nations if we disagree with the form of government that rules the nation. Before reading this book I disagreed with this statement. I thought that we should not interfere in what other nation does with their nation. We as a nation wouldn’t want other nations interfering in our business. They don’t have to suffer for it what our people suffer.
After reading Fallen Angels, I changed my mind. The Americans were in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism mainly.Communism refers to a theory for revolutionary change and political and socioeconomic organization based on common control of the means of production as opposed to private ownership. Due to New World Encyclopedia definition. This a conflict North Vietnam and South Vietnam disagreed on which was a main conflict. Causing the United States to join into the war effort to support the ARVN. Our troops fought and died in the war. Which I see where the United States consensus came from. If a country disagreed upon each other and went to war. Then if we support one side that needs help. We have the responsibility to make sure that country wins.
In the book, Richie and his squad is interviewed while in Vietnam. Brunner says that he is there to stop the spreads of communism. Others stated some good reasons and some others like Peewee used humor in the situation. Many civil wars erupted inside countries and other countries joined in. For example the United States Revolutionary War. The colonies at the time disagreed with Great Britain and went to war with them. Other countries joined into the effort like Spain to help. Making the war a success. There are many other wars in which countries disagreed with the way a government ruled over and joined in.
Although sometimes it may be a bad idea to join in. Sometimes you may affect your own country by hopping into a war thats not your. Its like the phrase “Stop dipping in my kool-aid”. Just because you don’t like the flavor of the Kool-Aid doesn’t mean you dump it out and make a jug of the flavor you like. Someone else may like that flavor or support it. You wouldn’t want someone else dumping out your favorite color ad making it theirs, which you most likely dislike. Compare the Kool-Aid to the government rule and you have an analogy.

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