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Fallen Angels Anticipation Guide

Jazsmin Vaughn
Mrs. Kemphaus
December 7, 2012
English Honors 9
I am unsure with the belief the soldiers should always do what their commander says. Sometimes the commander is wrong. For example, Sergeant Dongan told Johnson and some other black soldiers to get to the rear of their formation. That was really dangerous for the men involved. The VC would have an easy chance of killing one of them. Johnson, and the others, didnít feel that that decision was fairly made. So they didnít listen to him and survived that mission. Another example would be when Lieutenant Gearhart tried to get his men to switch, so that they had a better chance of not dying. They didnít want to leave each other and decided that theyíll stay together.
I agree with the statement that states the U.S. has a responsibility to use military force against other nations i with disagree with how they are running things. Before I read the book, I didnít understand the purpose of this. I just thought that America was just being violent and was trying to get its way all the time. But after I read Fallen Angels, all my thought changed. I see now that most countries are stubborn. Therefore, they will not listen to reason. So they try to speak in a language that they might understand. Which is fighting and bombing. Governments that use like a dictatorship, or kill people that are under their power, are the ones America is trying to stop. The country that is trying to be stopped does not understand t all why we care for these people. They see them as peasants, no more, no less. They people shouldnít be treated like trophies or animals.

Another statement that was unsure f was the on that talks about politicians and their children going to wars. I didní quiet understand the purpose of bringing that up. The only reason I see for a politician and his kid to be in the war, is if the child is fighting in it. for what reason would the politician be on war ground anyway?? I think that the politician should stay in the U.S. and just send men over, as much as he/she can. The politician shouldnít be going where he doesnít belong.
The military should be re established so that it can reach its military goals. s I read in the book Fallen Angels, no one will be able to stop them unless you fight. The VC are cruel to its people and need to be stop. They were willing a kill a kid. They also put a kid under their command and Perry and Peewee killed him. That was too dangerous, and the VC donít think that what they're doing is wrong.

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