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My Changed Belief
America love it or leave it. Why would anyone want to leave America, it is the best country to live in, in my opinion. If you donít love America leave it. There are people that hate America you hear it on the news everyday. It gets annoying. People complain about America all the time. I hate it. When people say they hate it thats their opinion not mine. My opinion has changed if you hate America why live in it in the first place. Its stupid to do that. You just waste money living in America when you donít even love it. If you love something why live in it. America is the home of the brave and land of the free. If you hate America like some people do just keep it to yourselves. People always judge something first before they even experience it or actually do it. That part drives me crazy on how and why people judge others and oneís home. If you hate America donít come here or live in America. America is very patriotic. If you donít like America you donít have to leave it if you already live in it. If you call something your home you live in it. If a middle eastern person lived in America its their choice to do so. Some people come to America to be free. Why hate it. Everyday the Army does everything they can to protect our safety and our lives. Its not just the Army that does it, it is also the Marines, the Coast Guard, and the highly trained seals. People love to judge others. Its how we as Americans live. We are very hurtful to others. We always are mean, that is our nature. We can live without hurting others. It is not that hard to do. People act like it is hard to do. I hate when people do that. America can be a great place if others werenít so mean to each other. America love it or leave it is not such a good thing to believe in if you donít have a home. I hate when people abuse others because of their race, their money, and their power. America should not be like that. America should be the best country to live in. It is a great country and I would not leave it. I love America.

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