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Fallen Angels 400+

Since reading this book my thoughts have not changed. Therefore, America Love it or Leave it because without our government we would return to the same way this country was run prior to 1776. We fought for our freedom against Great Britain and won, proving to them and to ourselves that the people here knew what was best for themselves. The citizens of America get to vote on issues that are important to them and elect the officals that they want to run this country instead of having someone else appoint themselves in charge and dictate to us the way things should be done. We have equal rights and freedoms and no one class of citizens is better than another.
We fought in World War I and World War II to prove again to other nations that the United States of America would not back down and do whatever necessary to protect itís citizens. We were involved in the Korean and Vitnam wars to help other countries stand up for themselves like we did against Britain.
Even though we are one of the youngest nations in the world we have shown that we can do for ourselves and be that helping hand that other countries need. We are a nation built on the dream of a better way of life and offer that same idea to all those that come here to call America their home. We are a nation full of courage and hope for the future generations of not only our country but of the world.
Instead of fighting with one another this day in age every citizen no matter age, race, sexual orientatin, or religion needs to look back at what we have been through in this countryís short time we have overcome so many obsticles over the years, although some not without blood shed. Women in this country have the right to vote which in many other places they are not even allowed to speak. We are not told what kind of car we must buy or home must live in, everything we do is left up to us because we have freedom of choice. Here we stand a proud nation and its citizens that need to remember life when it was simpler and take our nation back to that frame of mind when America was America.

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