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OF MICE AND MEN "Sometimes a person has to break the law to make sure justice is served".

The Justice is a complex and controversial notion. Each of us can form his own vision which is often influced by his own values and creeds, his own culture and education. What’s more, there are several definitions and our understanding of the Justice is rendered more difficult. There have always been many discussions about what is and what is not just but no answer can be universal agreed. What is the notable difference between our feeling of justice and what is really just? Is our need for justice always justified?
To begin with its most well-know definition : the justice is a moral principle of the social life based on the recognition of rights of all citizens, rights must be protected and respected. Every civilization needs to a judicial system which establishes rules and ensures the safety of everyone and sometimes imposes penalties. However, when you requires justice and redress, we are not always satisfied by judicial decisions.
Thus, we are tempted to dispense justice on his or her own behalf. In other words, we want to revenge : “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Is the retaliation really a just solution? Indeed, don’t we are the firts victims of our own retaliation? “Sometimes a person has to break the law to make sure justice is served” : our anger, hatred take over our reason and even the laws established can dispence this needed justice. Still, retaliation is not fair, not partial.
But , are there case where laws are not just? Some laws don’t respect fundamental rights of Human being. If you break the law you must be aware and sure that you defend a just cause.

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