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"The difference between right and wrong is clear."

“The difference between right and wrong is clear,” is a very controversial topic that a lot of people have different opinions about. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Many of we think of this topic in between black and grey and into the shades of grey where there are some doubts and beliefs. Right and wrong is never looked upon for what it really means which is right being right and wrong being wrong. I believe that the difference between right and wrong is absolutely clear because it’s a topic that is primarily understood for what it means literally and not what many people have interpreted from many years and decades.
I believe people look into the shades of gray in between black and white because the mind of ours have been influenced by movies and incidents of events that right can be wrong sometimes and wrong can be right at times as well. We can deny this assumption, but can we deny the fact that even if we’re to say that movies and events don’t persuade and influence us from knowing right from wrong and vice-versa, which if we were to be in the same situation, would we, pick the wrong decision. Of course this does not justify us from making the wrong decision, but it happens all the time.
Right and wrong is confusing when people misinterpret it for lies and the truth. The truth is usually right and lying accounts for being wrong. In fact, this is true, in other words, right. This is right because most often we believe the truth is the wrong decision because it installs the idea in our mind that the right thing can end up putting us in all the wrong places. Although, this is the case, sometimes the truth is right and not so wrong after all. Sometimes it can change people for better or worse and same goes with lying. But to say lying and telling the truth or doing right from wrong is to say that shooting someone will help them. There should never be a reason for a person to shoot another in order to help them, even under extreme situations, what good could ever come from shooting that person? People believe lying can help someone mentally or physically, but is it really helping them? Deep inside, we know that it would be better off to hurt them before it builds up and start snow balling down and crash. This may seem cliché but its truth and we can’t deny that we’ve done this to save ourselves or for someone else.
The difference between right and wrong can be justified to be as clear as glass, but if you are looking at it as a glass that gets fogged up and misty then you are one that thinks in between the blacks and whites and into the grays. I say that the difference between the two is clear because it is not what YOU; I, HE, IT, or THEY interpret but the very message itself that states that right and wrong can be defined as a clear difference because it’s not us to say what is right or wrong, but what is to be said and done as right and wrong that can be determined by what we do every day for ourselves and others.


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