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Deep thoughts-The Crucible

Lexi Flynn
Mrs. Lima
English 11
January 25,2012
The Crucible Anticipations
I disagree with the statement, "That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger", for a couple different reasons. This is a very limiting view and although, it is positive advice, is not accurate. Physically if you were to hurt yourself you may never fully recover. Along with emotionally you may get weaker once you overcome a challenge, not stronger.
What doesn't kill us in some situations could make you stronger, but it runs a high chance of disappointment. In a physical situation, depending on the severity, you may never be fully restored & be able to perform as well as you could. For example, breaking a main bone or ligament causes extreme damage and it will not be able to operate like it once was able to. The accident that occurred to cause the break or damage and trouble made your body weaker and more vulnerable.
Your emotional state is a very unpredictable topic. Depending on what makes you tick and what make or breaks you will determine the statement said earlier true or not. If it is your sweet spot or weakness that you are up against the situation could destroy you. After overcoming a challenge you could never be okay bringing the topic up. It could be so severe that you are sent into a mental state that you cannot return from and it holds you back the rest of your life. Maybe you were put through a break up that was too hard to handle, or a loved one that was your rock passed away. Motivation is a key factor in emotional strength. It gives you something to look forward to. Whatever it is that keeps you going could disappear and if you are not strong enough to overcome it it could drag you down further than ever. If the challenge is not a direct hit, and you do rebound from it, by all means you do learn valuable lessons and gain strength.
There are situations where you can come out stronger than before. But in many situations there are more factors of becoming weaker. If it doesn't kill you it can damage and have a long term effect that leads to demise. It is a part of life to have strengths and weaknesses, itís all about how you let it affect you and the way you see things. Bias comes in to play because you only let yourself see what you want to. Everyone thinks it will all be okay in the end because of this statement but will it? Does everyone die peacefully & how they want? & Get to say goodbye to everyone they'd like and accomplish all of their goals?


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