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“Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.” Courage; the word used to describe tales of superheroes jumping into buildings on fire to save the damsel in distress, or even standing up to the school bully when the odds seem slim, or even just being the person who stands out at school. Courage is fear leaving the body. It is the moment that our emotions tell us to be the brave one, be the strong one, be the one who’s going to take the shot, be the one who’s going to protect them all. Be the hero.
Courage has a variety of meanings; it can mean that you’re the kind of person who would stay positive when all hope is lost, or be brave enough stand up in front of the class to give a presentation, to move out of your personal comfort zone. Every living soul has courage in many different ways, and we all choose to express it differently. A soldier has courage through his gallant heart to protect the country and his comrades, the heart of a soldier breathes the air of courage that gives him the strength to do what he does, it takes courage to take a life of a man who may be suited to fight for the other side. To be responsible for the death of someone even though you don’t want to is a breathtaking rush of fear that each soldier in war has to overcome.
In life, we often come across the decision of doing what may seem right. There will be a moment in where we have to make a choice; a choice that could drastically change the wellbeing of our lives that very instant. We will have to pick between something we want, and something we love. Fear: our way of coping with being afraid emotionally or physically. Fear is the enemy of courage, it is what keeps us from being brave and being who we want to be, and we often let it influence our decisions. Being able to control your fear so that it isn’t a deciding factor in your decision takes courage. No matter the circumstance, sometimes we just have to be brave. We have to be brave for our family, for our friends, for the ones that are hurting, we have to be brave. In life we’re brought up to be strong and brave and to not let fear influence us, but in the end, it does. To be able to look at fear in the eye and move on forward is what courage really is. Doing something even when the circumstances are dangerous and possibly disastrous is courageous.
The words “Take The Shot” echo through every young teenagers soul daily, whether it be in sports, or even in a video game. We cringe at the thought of fear because we are afraid of failure. We believe it is difficult and fearsome and we are paralyzed at the thought of a negative outcome that we let that get the best of us. Courage is what the brave souls breathe and what we are told to live out every day of our lives as we grow and face the obstacles life throws at us. There will be struggles and hardships, there will be fear and pain, but as long as you hold onto the hope of courage, fear slowly and gradually leaves your body. Courage is fear leaving the soul of the mind and body.

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