Susil Crags

Disaster has struck!
The Crags are a series of rocky formations with small caves and crevices throughout. Many of the lower-lying areas of the Crags have been flooded, however, with water pouring in from the Northern stretches of Moladion. Some paths have been completely submerged, and some are nothing more than a few rocky peaks sticking out of the water. The water is fairly slow moving but begins to pick speed up towards the Grotto, becoming a series of intense rapids and waterfalls as it nears the Grotto's entrance.

The area itself is still traversible. However, it can be risky. Large amounts of debris can enter the waterway, creating bridges at times but also creating dams that break and cause ocassional flash-flooding. Be careful, travelers! One wrong step and you could end up finding out where the water goes.

Note: Susil Crags will return to normal once 25 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes.

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getting everybody fired up

Rough and tumble Virago had gotten back from a late night of star gazing and nocturnal adventures around this apparently new Moladion. The world had opened up with endless possibilities and Virago had to experience them all to learn everything she needed to know. Her mother encouraged her independence, knowing that to do otherwise would only hinder her in the end. Virago had been raised without a pack, without siblings, and without a father. To keep her stuck to her mother's side would do nothing but shelter the black and ash wolf. In the night she had seen some creatures that seemed to see better than she did. She had tried to hunt them, but they evaded her quickly. She had seen so many stars in the night skies, and tried in vain to see if they would talk to her as they talked to the Seer and Stargazer. Yet, the skies remained silent, twinkling quietly. She had even seen a few falling stars, watching them as they blinked out of oblivion. She wondered if the other wolves were terrified every time they saw movement of the heavens. Virago did not remember the falling star and her mother rarely talked of that night.

Either way, she padded quietly as the sun was breaking over the outer rim of the crater back to the cave she had been making her home. It wasn't easy to get to, and Virago seemed to relish the challenge of it. She sprung up from one stepping stone to the last before slipping through the narrow opening and curling up on a bed of moss and dried pines. She collapses into the bed, a small oof given and then her pink eyes quickly falling into an exhausted sleep.

It seemed like hours later, she heard the steady downpour and the smell of rain seeped into her nostrils. But that wasn't the only scent that registered in her half-awake mind. She lifted her head, and cracked open her sleep caked eyes. Yawning she shakes her head and rubs her eyes with her front paws. Pink eyes watch the patchwork wolf near the opening of her den, just sitting there watching the game. She silently pads over and sits down next to her with a lot of drama and flair. Virago was always a little bit of a drama queen. "Whatcha see out there?" She yawns again before a hind leg comes up to scratch her ears. "And whatcha doing here?" Virago wasn't afraid of her. She figured that if Selene meant her harm that she would of done so while she had been fast asleep. Instead, she had left the girl alone, or else she hadn't known that she was in there already. Either way, Virago wasn't a creature to get super defensive about well, much.


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