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Susil Crags

Disaster has struck!
The Crags are a series of rocky formations with small caves and crevices throughout. Many of the lower-lying areas of the Crags have been flooded, however, with water pouring in from the Northern stretches of Moladion. Some paths have been completely submerged, and some are nothing more than a few rocky peaks sticking out of the water. The water is fairly slow moving but begins to pick speed up towards the Grotto, becoming a series of intense rapids and waterfalls as it nears the Grotto's entrance.

The area itself is still traversible. However, it can be risky. Large amounts of debris can enter the waterway, creating bridges at times but also creating dams that break and cause ocassional flash-flooding. Be careful, travelers! One wrong step and you could end up finding out where the water goes.

Note: Susil Crags will return to normal once 25 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes.

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-- i'm just a good girl who likes bad things φ

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There was no way for her to know what life would be like from here on out. She had no guarantee of safety in numbers, of warm food in her belly all the time, of safety from packs that wished to steal you. Of course she was a capable hunter and if needed Aaliyah was sure Tobias could be convinced to help her take down larger prey should she need it not to mention she was more than capable of defending herself, not that it would matter with Tobias as her mate – she doubted any one would dare try to take the dark kings’ queen. None of that is what upset her.

She was not scared to take care of herself, she could handle that. It was more the acknowledgement of all that she was leaving behind that distressed her. The good bye to all the things she would not be able to have anymore that burdened her heart. Ally would never leave her family behind forever. Nothing could ever keep her away from the angels. But she knew that nothing would ever be the same again - as much of an outsider as she had been before Old Moladion fell she would be even more so now with her sisters pack.

No hesitation shows in her body – in her perfected silent gait. Even sadness is hidden from her face as she leaves behind the only thing she has known in this life. The realization she could not have both her family and Tobias had come sometime in the two years that had passed since the meteor blast. It wasn’t something she would even admit to herself until the bison had arrived and wolves started descending into the crater. And after even that Aaliyah put off facing the decision until it was time to make the choice – bring the demon with her, since they wouldn’t be parted again or leave with him.

The dismal memories of how things had been – her constantly trying to protect him against all threats especially her family – had been like a splash of cold water. Maybe it was the fact she was an adult now and had gained wisdom with age or perhaps she learned selflessness enough to not want Issy to have to worry. Whichever it had been Aaliyah had known when the dust settled that no matter how optimistic she had been at two, believing she could have both Tobias and her family, it would never happen. And even though is saddened her she knew it was for the best, for her family and her prince.

Her perfectly sculpted ivory bodice slides through the shadows at her lovers’ side. Together they move down the steep crater side, her trailing just a bit as cautious paws pick at the unfamiliar path he follows until they reach the flatter ground. Once the land shifts again her strides lengthen bringing her in her rightful place next to her obsidian sculpted king so that she can brush against his side adoringly before they continue on to wherever it is he is leading her. There are no questions, no arguments from her for him to tell her where they are going or what they are doing, each is perfectly silent. The trust she has in him is absolute, unending, unwavering. She would follow him to the end of the world - which is actually what it starts to look like after a while.

Grasses fade, bushes disappear, and even the strongest most adaptable trees fail to thrive as they keep walking. Somehow she fails to notice the death that permeates the area. At least until she is forced to adjust her paw steps to the new terrain underfoot in order to keep the foot falls silent and her nails from clicking on the rock ground. Russet and obsidian rimmed eyes observe her surroundings with casual interest. She won’t dwell into thoughts on why the foliage is dead. Even though the way nothing lives around it reminds her of his last den – his den in Judila had been under a dead tree in an area that looked as if the life had been sucked from everything. Thinking about the coincidences between the two would only create more questions in her mind that would have to go unanswered. And it seems she has finally learned that sometimes it is easier to accept certain things without questions. Something, ironically, her father probably wishes she had learned long ago.

The scent of her new mate lingers everywhere. His aroma covering every inch of the barren landscape they traverse. Their goal, she deduces using what she knows of him, is drawing near. For Tobias always has a goal, at least Aaliyah believes this since she has never seen proof of something otherwise, and his scent is growing stronger from one place in particular. The thought that it could be a den doesn’t occur to her until they reach the discarded hunk of decayed towering landscape. Tobias stops at a seam in the rock formation and Aaliyah draws up next to him her teal and black splotched eyes studying the cave entrance in silence before turning to gaze at her boys’ handsome face. And even as she watches him disappear into the cave, following him in a minute later, it still hadn’t yet occurred to her that he was showing her their den.

Its take less than a second for her eyes to adjust and grasp the moonlight and fluorescent insects lighting the cave, if one could call it that. And it takes even less than that for her flawless snow hued jaws to part in wonder at the beauty of the place he has chosen. “Mirum nimis est. [it is amazing]” the words are all but whispered as she exhales a slow breathe - too taken with the dazzling scenery to see the expectant look on her new mates face. For a moment her attention is simply raptured on the awe inspiring scene. It had never occurred to her that caves could hold beauty. Caves, in her mind, were associated with damp, dark, and a disgusting musty scent. This one however shattered those illusions thoroughly.

Only the deep rich sound of her boys’ voice could break her from reverie and she turns to him momentarily stunned before rapidly trying to think of the right words. “I am loving it Tobias. Is perfect.” She speaks her words slow and precise so she does not mess them up - before he grips her muzzle within his own. In her chest her heart thumps wildly. This was why she had choosen him. This was why she loved him and believed in him as much as she did. No other wolf had ever done the things he had for her, not even counting facing the monsters she knew he must battle as a demon to go against his very nature to do these grand gestures for her. This was why she would forever be his shield.

A soft smile pulls her lips back slightly as Tobias relinquishes his hold on her jaws and instead he moves to encircle her. Her smaller, finer built frame moves to lean into his touch – she craves it. His jaws part again time letting his tongue escape to caress her regally crafted russet and black marked face, eliciting a half sigh half low rumble of pleasure from her lips as her eyes close for a moment in pure bliss before opening to gaze at her obsidian drenched king. Once he stops she commences. Her own flawless white jaws part to allow her tongue out and leaning towards Tobias she uses the pink muscle to caress his jawline and cheek. A though occurs to her now that maybe things could be easier now. When they were together like this she was in heaven, no other place could ever compare. And now she wouldn’t have to worry about her family any more – they were safe, far away in Diveen under Isolas’ crown and protection. They would be safe and Tobias would have her and she him.

At his simple word she moves to follow, her mind paying no attention to the way in which he stated his request, which is what she sees it as. The language he speaks is and will forever be foreign to her and her blatant refusal to speak it - to anyone but Tobias and only when it’s necessary - was still as strong as ever. Yet another reason she prefers Tobias to any other. He does not force her into idle meaningless chit chat. A simple nod of acquisition is all she gives him before he grasps at her scruff pulling her towards him with a touch as gentle as a mother to her newborn. It is strange, she thinks – more suited to an action between child and parent – but still it is Tobias and the love she feels behind it is real to her and so she accepts it not even hesitating to follow him.

Teal eyes flash towards the first rays of glorious sunlight breaking over the horizon as they exit the cave and Aaliyah can already imagine the feeling of the warm rays on her back. Her mate, she knows, does not like the sun. Demons prefer the shadows, something she has accepted. They must move briskly this time – she already knows. Her long supple legs carry his pace easily as she tries to figure out what’s next. There was something that drove him at times like these, she would use determination to describe but in truth it was much more all-consuming and violent. Yet as always her mind couldn’t even begin to figure out what it was that he had for her next. But it had to be important, she figured, if he was willing to come out with the sun so close to being up.

Surprising her Tobias stops leaving them to stand at the edge of a dark blue pool of water fed by a waterfall. She stares at him curiously, her eyes watching his face almost passively, though her mind is indexing every flicker of emotion that passes his face. She wants to know him, how he works, what he fights.

Aaliyah has high hopes – she wants to solve the puzzle that is in his mind. Yet it seems almost impossible to do so. Why does he try so hard for her? Why does he go against his natural instincts as a demon for her? They are the questions of time. Questions she doesn’t think she’ll ever have the answers to – like so many others - no matter how hard she studies him and her father tries to help. Because honestly there was no way for her to decode the unpredictable and watching her mate walk into the water to simply sit down in it she realizes that’s exactly what he is. Every act he commits for her is unpredictable. Because demons don’t do this and how could you predict something that already defied nature.

Watching him somewhat astonished as he lifts up one black paw and slams it into the water for a full minute she is silent, just staring at him her eyes wide. He is waiting for something. For her? To get wet? Inside she baulks at the mess her fur will become. Yet, she can’t help but be thrilled at what he is doing for her. To an ordinary wolf this would be nothing, simple, something ordinary, everyday. But to her, from Tobias, it is everything – it is extraordinary – because demons don’t do this. Yet Tobias does it for her.

His paws raises to smack into the water again his eyes stilled locked onto hers. Slowly a smile creeps onto her face. Even if she hadn’t wanted to smile she would have- the sight of him in the water splashing around with his always serious face was so comical she couldn’t help it nor would she want to prolong the stress she can see he is putting on himself. A radiant grin breaks across her face and she laughs before throwing vanity aside and rushing into the water, spraying it up around her as she flies she goes to him, sheer delight shining upon her red and black angel marked face.

Standing a few feet away, legs submerged in the water, Aaliyah beams at her boy before wadding through the remaining waters between them to nuzzle his neck in the way he likes – first biting and teasing the hairs before using her tongue for smooth his ebony furs back to perfection. “I love you.” She murmurs the words in his ear – for once not having to think them out beforehand since she had already taken the time to learn them for him. After a minute of affection she draws a few feet back and flashing him another stunning smile Aaliyah raises one perfect white paw in the air before slapping it down in the water, sending the water spraying out around it.

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