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As it stands, Maddie just merged into the SHSD-verse, still very interested in taking down the X-Men. Her plan, at current, it to begin assembling a team to help her do just that.

My planned NPC roster includes Miss Sinister [Claudine Renko], an AU displaced Blink [Clarice Ferguson], Killer Frost [Dr. Louise Lincoln] and maybe Black Alice.

As it stands, her hate is sort of aimed at the X-Men. But, I can easily amend that with this being an AU. My idea at current for that purpose would be that her self in this reality was killed by the Justice League or one of those other hero groups, which will make her feel like she needs to sort of avenge herself. Again, just a thought if we needed a reason for her to set her sights on a much bigger end game.

Um, yeah, that's where I stand, currently. And I'm more than happy to work with anyone else.

My RP E-Mail: JulesPKM@hotmail.com


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