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Name: Abrielle
Age (pup, teen, adult): Teen
Gender: Female
Appearance: Abrielle is a sandy color pup with a white underbelly and paws, tip of her tail, and ears tips.
Personality: Abrielle is a shy pup who desperately seeks attention. Katari is her only friend and Alessandro is her only protection. Abrielle is sensitive and cries if anyone talks about her mom, AT ALL.

Name: Katari
Age (pup, teen, adult): Teen
Gender: Female
Appearance: A sandy tan pup. Small, fragile, and adorable, Katari has black specks the size of grains of sand all over her body. The adorable she wolf has ice crystal blue eyes, which are outlined in a pitch black ring.
Personality: Katari is a social butterfly. She is tough and tends to be popular. She desperately wants to be grown up and needs a mother because hers died when she gave birth to Katari. Katari thinks it's all her fault.

Name: Alessandro
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Alessandro is a large wolf for his age. He is pitch black and blends in well in the darkness. His eyes match Katari and Abrielle's, the only resemblance between the two, they are ice crystal blue with a thick black outline.
Personality: Alessandro's name fits him perfectly, seeing how he must protect his baby sisters at all hours of the day. He is sweet and loving and desperately seeks alone time and love.

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