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1984 Deep thoughts

Brandon Lopez
Ms. Victor
4th hour

Deep Thoughts Response Number One

Freedom, that is how this country started to get out of England’s grasp. We created a better constitution than England and moved away from our first attempt, the Articles of Confederation. But what we really did was take positives from both and formed our constitution to fit how we wanted to run as a whole. The constitution, was created so our citizens could live free and be in a open market for what ever their heart desires. Each citizen is equal in every sense, from being able to do whatever they want. The man (the government) should not be able to spy on its citizens, maybe if they have committed a crime and are on probation than that is different. A average joe and people of all income levels, from the poverty stricken to the top 1% in our nation should be free to not be spied on, even tho it is going to happen no matter how much we think it doesn’t, it does. A person is constitutionally given the freedom to do what ever they want in there house or where ever with obviously following laws, but should not be spied on by the man. People shouldn’t live in fear that someone is watching and are afraid if they do something they will have federal agents or the 5-0 at their front door asking “why did you search ******** on the internet?!?! huh? What are ya planing to do there Mr. Smith”. Your were simply searching something for a project or just messing around, no body wants that fear of “Oh man what if I search this, what will happen to me? Will I be thrown in jail?” One shouldn’t live in that fear. Just think back to the school days, when the teacher would check over your shoulder to watch your take a test to see your work or see if you are cheating. No one knows what they were looking at specifically but they were spying on you, and that chill feeling down your spine even though you knew you were doing no harm, they still spy on you. Just like the man would and does to everybody. That feeling just watching t.v and hmmm something seems fishy well it is probably the man watching over you from outside or accessing your phone or web cam to spy on you. No one wants that feeling that they are being watched like little lab rats through a magnifying glass like sherlock holmes on a investigation. Lastly, spying on the American average joe public has nothing to do with the safety of our country, only if, like previously said, one is on probation or parol, then you may spy on them to see what they are up to. I know it happens, but what has this world come to if our government spy’s on its citizens for no reason. What to see what the Johnson family is playing on family board game night? If they can spy on us, why cant they let us know some current top secret information every now and again, or just something. That is all this average joe is asking, or if not that, just some collateral for the spying is all I ask in return. It is unbelievable what this world has come to.


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