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dont confess to it if you did'nt do it

what is there to confess?

I read the statement ďconfessing to a crime you did not commit in order to avoid punishment is wiseĒ and immediately after I had to share my own opinion on that statement. I felt moved by it because I would hate for someone I love to feel as though lying is the only escape out of a serious crime they did not do. Moreover, I donít see how any justice system could promote such action. Here is why I so passionately feel that confessing to a crime you did not commit is not a wise act.
With the way the social media system is set up many may have the impression that committing to a crime in order to avoid punishment is wise. However, it is not in my eyes, I disagree with it completely. I feel as though it is unjust and unfair for ones to feel as if it is the only way. There are only a few reasons why people commit to crimes they are not guilty of. Either to protect a loved one, or to protect themselves. This is not necessarily wise. However, as I said before, it is what social media makes cool. By giving off the impression, that snitching or ratting out a friend is always wrong. In many cases, investigators and lawyers may make a suspect feel as though admitting to an undone crime is the only way out. In addition, depending on the suspectsí legacy or whatever it is they may stand for, it is ultimately his choice. I feel as if it is against the American principals of justice to allow someone take heat for something they did not do. Whether that heat is a bad name, or 50 years in prison. If you did not do it, it is the justice systems responsibility to prove that true. Now if this person is ok with the choice they have made, then so be it. They may live better or worse. Or they may not care at all. On the other hand they should keep in mind that they are part of the reason why so many wholes are being poked in the laws and the way justice should be served. Just think about it, if you do commit to a crime you know you didnít do, your letting the real perp off easy. So we have one more criminal walking around here that hasnít been delt with. How cool is that? Not cool at all.
Bottom line is, being wise is different from going with the easy way out. If youíre a person who does believe in teaching lessons and making examples then maybe you have the potential to be wise. But donít allow manipulation to keep dirt on the law.

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