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Re(1): 1984 Deep thoughts

I do not agree that the government has any sort of right to be interfering with what citizens are reading. Every living thing has the rights to be at peace, and each has the right to keep anything to their self that they choose to. It is a natural right that should be protected, not invaded, by the government. Invasion of one’s privacy could lead to many negative things.
One of these things is discrimination based on chosen reading materials. What if someone were interested in certain religion, or if someone began researching differing types of government like communism? He government may be tempted to act out of discrimination against people in fear of their interest with these subjects. If someone were researching dangerous things, or tools commonly used by terrorists, they could be punished for no reason. Say someone is a science fanatic and is interested in learning about the makeup of an atomic bomb. They may be punished when they were truly only minding their own business. Say someone was punished for researching events going on on the other side of a war they are in. The public has a right to this knowledge. Living in the country, they have a right to know the situation they are living in.
Also, the government monitoring what people read would be assuming that they believe all the things that are being said. People are just as much interested in propaganda, scandals, and drama as the government is. However, this doesn’t mean that they give in to what they absorb, it only means they are entertained by it. In school we read many different novels and history chapters that introduce differing systems and communities. That does not mean that anyone is about to betray their home or switch sides. They want to be updated.
Many people need to be readily open to controversial material because of their work or their studies. How is the government going to keep up with whether or not the subject has a report due the next morning on terrorist attack strategy? They won’t be able to truly keep track between who means harm and who is putting the information to positive use. This makes the effort pointless. Taking all rights to information is obviously not the answer either, because it would eliminate the purpose of patriotism. This information is vital to high school and college students.

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