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Re(1): 1984 Deep thoughts

Eric Brimmeier
War of the Classes pd. 1
2 April 2013
Peace and War
Peace, harmony, tranquility. All of these words come at a price. Words like these mean good things talked about in George Orwell’s novel, “1984”. George Orwell shows how the government monitors its people too much. The equal distribution of wealth, communism, happens in many countries and doesn’t work. Communism cause war almost all of the time. The only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war. To obtain peace, you must be peaceful towards other countries, able to defend yourself, and help allies in need.
In order to obtain peace, a country must be prepared for war. If a country shows hostility towards another country, that country may take it the wrong way and be caused to act. Being peaceful towards another country may also not always work, thus a country must be prepared for war. A country may not always agree with other countries policies. This may cause distrust. Thus, the country must be prepared for war. Another reason why a country should be prepared for was in order to obtain peace is because you must be able to defend yourself. Weaker countries with radical ideas never survive because they have no way of defending themselves. If a country is not communist, and another smaller country is, the non communist country will most likely have their way with the smaller country because it will not be able to defend itself. To prepare for peace, the country must be able to defend itself on its own and be prepared for any type of hostility or war. The biggest way to prepare for peace but be prepared for war is to help “friends” or allies in need of help. If a country has an ally that is being attacked, the country cannot stay in peacetime, because it will not sit well with your ally country. If you do not help an ally country, you will most likely be attacked even if you are in peacetime. This is why you must be prepared for war no matter what the circumstance is. The only way a country can prepare for peace is to be prepared for war, and these three ways prove this statement. An example would be the United States before World War 2. The United States was in a peaceful state and not worrying about any other country or any attack. Some of the United States allied countries were under attack and got involved in the war. The United States were a little concerned, but didn’t think they would have to get involved. Despite this belief, The United States was still prepared for a war. Then on December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which caused the United States to act. This proved that the United States were prepared for war, even though they were in a completely peaceful state of mind. In George Orwell’s novel, it describes how the government begins to act like a communist society. Orwell could see the similarities in some of the government programs to a communist government. The government should not be allowed to spy or control its people too much. This is why the only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war.
Clearly, the only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war. Though a country may in a peaceful time, it must be prepared to face some resistance or war. The country must be peaceful towards other countries. If it is not, the opposing country may be offended and act. It must be able to protect itself and help its allies in need. If you want peace, you must be prepared to do anything it takes to obtain it.


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