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"Deep Thought" on Speak

“Whatever happens at a Party stays at a party”
This quote I strongly disagree with because there are so many negative things that go on at parties that I feel if it’s something negative it should be addressed immediately. Nobody wants to have to go to a party and get raped, beat up, drugged, or even killed. Parties are for fun only and I feel a lot of people forget that. Young people are starting to use the idea of partying a way to take advantage of people, in ways some people never been expected to get taken to. A couple examples are; a girl gets drunk at a party and she is drinking heavy, she has on tight fitting clothes and she looks like she can’t stand up straight, is that a call for someone to take her to the bedroom and bathroom and do whatever they want with her. I think especially if she’s yelling no for them to stop and leave her alone. Should what the girl went through be left at party, because the code saying is “What happens at the party stays at the party?” Another example is if you witness a person getting bullied at a party, being made fun of and the joke goes wrong, but you are the only one to witness this act and see the person is hurt real bad or even worst killed. Is this also something you should keep between you and party and when the cops come for questioning do you ignore the fact that you just witnessed everything that has brutally happened. My final example is if you witness some pouring something into someone’s drink, and forcing them to drink, do you stand up and say something or do you allow them to continue this act. These three examples are common things that happen at parties, when you think you’re safe just having fun with friends; you still have to be careful. Partying is not an problem but the acts that happen at these parties are the problems. The examples that I revealed in the beginning should be all be taking to the police or to a parent especially if you have no other way of telling what happened at the party. The reason most of these cases are unsolved or kept as a secret are because of the people who are doing the wrong act has either threatened your life in some way either it was physically or mentally. Underage parties can also lead to a reputation which a lot of teens are not trying to ruin especially in high school. They feel that is all they have to fit in and be popular. But that should not be the case, if something is wrong at these parties that is harming to you or your peers it needs to be reported, that is the safest way to ending this act happening to anyone else, which I’m sure nobody wants to happen.


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