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Soldiers should always follow the orders of their commanders

First of all, the statement that I agree on is “Soldiers should always follow the orders of their commanders even if they believe their actions are immoral.” I believe this is a true statement because a soldier should never disagree to his commander’s orders. In my opinion, a solider should keep in mind that going to war there are always going to be risks. If a soldier doesn’t take that risk then there’s no point of even joining the army if you don’t have the opportunity to protect and fight for your country.
Second of all, the other reason of my agreement on the statement is that the commanders are highly experienced and are most likely to be placed to give orders. The soldiers in war are taught to obey immediately without question since day one from the beginning of boot camp. Also, the soldiers who don’t obey the lawful orders of their commanders they can risk on having serious consequences. If the soldiers don’t follow the orders it is considered a crime for a military member to disobey an experienced commission officer.
Third of all, the military courts have said that any military member is responsible by their actions even if they are following orders. The commanders have professional values when it comes to giving orders to the soldiers, they make the decision on what they want the soldier to do by guiding them to their force on succeeding. If the soldier doesn’t follow the command they can be able to put themselves in danger and other military officer as well. The soldier might not agree to what their commander wants him to do that would most likely lead the soldier to come up with his own idea or order than his commanders. The commander has the responsibility of planning an organized plan to accomplish any assigned mission.
In conclusion, the soldiers have enlisted themselves into the military army they have to follow the oath of supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States from all enemies who are against it. The soldier will also obey the orders of the president and the officers, according to the organization of the Military Justice.

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