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nice things.

been meaning to do something like this for a couple of days.

as i'm sure you're all aware by now, we had a historic political day in america recently with DOMA being repealed. this is a fantastic leap forward for LGBT rights, not just in america but globally, since america regularly lays the foundations for other countries to follow with this kind of thing.

on a somewhat more personal note, i was flicking through a brand new RPG review site called 'ReadPonderGo', which in addition to writing reviews on RPGs also contains general rping related articles. in one such article, shaman was mentioned and publicly commended for its work in making the RPG community a better place.

because nice things are nice, and because you are all FABULOUS, everyone may claim +10 points for each active character.*

if you'd like to read the article or check out readpondergo, click here.

* = an active character is a character which has been posted within the last 2 weeks. this does not include characters which are posted after this news post was made.

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