Born into this world to a family of no love and didn't care.
Given to another of half didn't want me there.

Raised with a childhood of abuse both physical and sex.
If that's not enough, here's what happened next.

Deprived of the love of a mother, taken from me when I was a teen and she was in her prime.
The lose of her love has pained me now for a very long time.

One failed marriage after another,seems everytime I stand up,something always knocks me back down.
But with all that has happened i've carried the burden without a tear or a sound.

Now God has given me more then I can bare.
My children are being hurt and I can't help them in their time of need,I can't be there.

If you think i'm going insane you might be right.
I keep battling back but I'm losing the fight.

This is not self pity and your pity I ask not.
I just have to let someone know I have been through alot.

So for now I sit here wondering, will I make it another day, maybe two?
This I can not tell,after reading this can you?

To say I have been through Hell would be to say the very least.
For me it seems,Death is the ULTIMATE PEACE.

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