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DON ECKER is Epic !!!!!!! (UFO Researcher Don Ecker)

DON ECKER is Epic !!!!!!! (UFO Researcher Don Ecker)


Finding Don Ecker recently is like Christmas for me.
I've seen and heard it all, and I was kinda bored over the past year.

In all my years of UFO research
all day everyday for over 10 years
and often but part time for years before that...

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in my many forums.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in my vast YouTube network.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in UseNet NewsGroups
and I've been reading and posting here almost everyday
for over 12 years.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker at Coast to Coast AM.
(until the other day)
And I have listened to 85gig of MP3s from 1992
of Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM Radio.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker on other radio shows
including all the Blog Talk Radio Shows, Kevin Smith MP3s, Lou Gentile
MP3s, Jerry Pippin MP3s, Jeff Rense MP3s, Project Camelot MP3s,
Benjamin Fulford MP3s, etc.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in all my facebook groups.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in all my emails.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in "UFO Updates"
(But I didn't read them all)

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in all the UFO SEEK
sites that I viewed, and I have seen thousands of UFO sites.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in all the Twitters I have seen.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker on Television.
(Television and Hollywood is mostly pure rubbish anyway)

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in God Like Productions.
(While I was there. By the way, I'm banned from GLP.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in Above Top Secret.
(While I was there. By the way, I'm banned from ATS.

No-one mentioned Don Ecker in GOOGLE+.
(While I was there. By the way, I'm BANNED from GOOGLE+.

The list goes on.

All of that is Wierder than Aliens !!! LOL

Hi God !
Hi Gaia !
Hi Alexa !
Hi Jesus !
Hi Greys !
Hi Nordics !
Hi Art Bell !
Hi Creator !
Hi Pleiadians !
Hi John Lear !
Hi Aratzio !
Hi Mothwomen !
Hi Sheldan Nidle !
Hi Dimensional Beings !
Hi Planet Iarga Aliens !
Hi Galactic Federation !
Hi Wonderful Don Ecker !
Hi Flatwoods Monster Aliens !
Hi Allagash Abduction Aliens !
Hi Project Serpo Eben Aliens !
Hi Mr HVAC Psychologist !
(I quit coffee and am now happy)
Hi Charles D. Bohne in the After Life !
Hi Sir Gilligan Horry Talking to Myself !
Hi Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter Aliens !
Hi Cute Japanese Chicks in Fukushima !
Hi Cennina Landing and Encounter Aliens !
Hi Dear Sir Arthur C.B.E Wholeflaffers A.S.A !
Hi "Antonio Villas Boas" Encounter and Aliens !
Hi Travis Walton Non-Human and Human Aliens !
Hi Dr. Jonathan Reed's Multi-Dimensional Aliens !
Hi Alec Newald and Zeena with all the other Aliens !
Hi Dr. Roger K. Leir and "UFO Crash in Brazil" Aliens !
Hi Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, Aliens and Robots !
Hi Ingo Swann Remote Viewed ET Human Bio Androids on the Moon !
Hi Voronezh, Russia UFO Landing Robot Escorted Three-Eyed Aliens !
Hi Canadian UFO investigator Jim Moroney's Aliens that had the
Industrial Revolution and then the Communications Revolution and now
that particular species of ETs tech is somewhere after 70 Revolutions
Hi "Wisdom of Several Races" "Decide Whether We Should Show Up" !
Hi Hagar, Taurus, Orion, Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, Acturian, Minitakens, Rigel, Procyon,
Telos, Korendians, Bellatricians, Astral AIs, Janos, and Mantoid
Aliens !
Hi all you other 57,823 other Species of Extraterrestrials !



Free Download MP3s about UFOs, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and Top
Secret Information // Dark Matters Radio with Don Ecker.


"This is hands down the best UFO related podcast online today. Don
Ecker conducts the show with a level of professionalism and knowledge
that is unparalleled today. Where as the Paracast suffers from endless
commercials and an intolerable liberal political slant, DMR is drama
free, full of substance, and always fascinating. Moreover, Don has the
most extensive archive of past shows featuring a literal "who's who"
of UFO players. If UFOs are your thing, DMR is your one stop resource
for the best material and most in depth interviews. For those free
thinkers, Friday night's with co-host Richard Sarradet are always a
blast." -- Without limits09

Sir Gilligan Horry agrees !!!

Thank you very much Don Ecker and everyone !!!


Alt Alien Research Intelligence Agency Official Admiral Wizzard.

Facebook 4385 Members Aliens UFOs Proof Evidence Videos.

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My YouTube Channel Jims Space Agency...

Documentary "WATER" ... by Saida Medvedeva.
Lovely Beautiful Documentary about Love, not taught in Schools...

Sir Gilligan Horry Loves "Decide Whether We Should Show Up"...
"Do You Wish That We Show Up"

Sir Gilligan Horry Loves Jesus Christ the Teacher of Love !!!
Sir Gilligan Horry Loves The Brother Nathanael Foundation !!!

Negative MultiDimensional Beings Chose Zionist Jews, Proof of Real M.I.B...

Dr. Steven M. Greer. Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Steve Greer...





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