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Hello James,

I am 31 years old and I experience severe PMS ( 10-14 days before menstruation ). I could not identify the reason so far, the hormonal tests have been normal, I assume its because of the life style (I ve been a flight attendant for 6 years )
What doctors always recommend is birth-control pills and what I did was to try natural remedies. what worked a bit so far was homeopathic remedies ( sepia )
I ve been also taking melatonin for sleeping, the country I lived in for few years had 1 mg in pharmacies, I took them for aprox 5 years. I stoped melatonin few months ago but besides losing few pounds, nothing has changed.
I eat healthy in general but limited ( salads, fish, nuts, eggs, vegetables, fruits, dark chocolate )I exercise aprox twice a week but I do smoke for 14 years.
Kindly advise what remedies you would suggest ( except for stop smoking ) as its affecting both my personal and social life. Should you need more details, I will provide them asap.
Thank you very much for your help
Kind wishes,

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