Re(1): Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Here's a summary of events:

Oct 14, 1962 - US Air Force U-2 found photo evidence of medium-range ballistic missiles in Cuba.

Oct 15 - US Navy Aviation Fleet Air Intelligence Reconnaissance Squadron VQ-2 stages A3D-2Q (EA-3B "Skywarrior") and WV-2Q (EC-121M "Willie Victor" a/k/a "Super Constellation" a/k/a "Warning Star" in USAF) from Rota, Spain to Florida; and begins Electronic and Signals Intelligence reconnaissance flights, recording voice and electronic radio and radar signals and plotting their emission sites.

Oct 16 - President J.F.Kennedy was shown the U-2 photos.

Oct 22 - JFK addresses the nation and world on TV, announcing the presence of missiles, his determination to have them removed, and the "quarantine" (Naval blockade) to begin on Oct 24.

Oct 22 - US military went to DEFCON 3, the first time ever (DEFCON 5 is normal).

Oct 23 - US Navy Aviation Photo Reconnaissance Squadron VFP-62 (RF-8 "Crusaders") flew the first 6 missions of Operation Blue Moon, low-level photo reconnaissance over Cuban missile sites.

Oct 24 - US Air Force Photo Reconnaissance Squadron joined Blue Moon but failed to obtain usable photos.

Oct 25 - US Marine Corps Photo Reconnaissance Squadron VMCJ-2 successfully joined Blue Moon (including a photo of a Russian Colonel with his pants down standing up from an outdoor latrine as the Marine Corps jet popped over the horizon at 30' altitude. JFK kept the photo on his desk in the Oval Office).

Oct 26 - US Air Force again joins Blue Moon, successfully obtaining photos.

Oct 27 - US Air Force U-2, piloted by Major Rudolf Anderson, was shot down by a Russian Surface To Air Missile (SAM-2; U-2 was still flyable but a freak shrapnel pierced the pilot's high altitude suit and he died from oxygen starvation.)

Oct 27 - US Navy VQ-2 for the first time records the SAM-2 acquisition and guidance radar signals and parameters (which led to the creation of a US counter-measure jamming device).

Oct 27 - US Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) goes to DEFCON 2, the first time in history, and B-52s are armed and ready to strike the USSR.

Oct 28 - USSR Chairman Khrushchev accepted Kennedy's compromise proposal, i.e., USSR withdraws tactical nuke missiles from Cuba, and US withdraws tactical nuke missiles from Turkey.


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