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Lewis Palmer High School,Ms. dellinger The Crucible

Brendan McKelvy
Ms. Dellinger
English 3
09 September 2013

Confessing to a crime you did not commit to avoid punishment is not wise. Why would I confess to a crime that I did not commit. It would be so stupid and pointless to get punished for something that that I did not do.
There are many examples during past times in the world's history, of people confessing to crime, even though they did not do it. For instance, the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were trials in which 20 people were killed for witch craft. There was never any actual evidence of these 20 people doing witch craft, but they were accused of it none the less. Nobody knows if these people were forced to confess, or what happened. This is just one example in this world’s history of something like this happening.
McKelvy 2
Sometimes people may harass you and coerce you to make you say anything they want you to say. Basically forcing you to be someone’s doll and them making you do anything they want to do with you. So they can force you to lie just so you can get them to leave you alone. An example of this is interrogation. This tactic used by many police forces across the world force people to hopefully eventually fess up to the crime in which the police officers think they committed. This can be a long and grueling process for the person being interrogated. Many times the process can go on for hours and the person being interrogated is all sweaty and being asked all of these questions. Sometimes the person being interrogated just admits that he or she did the crime to stop the questioning. I can recognize why people would say they did things that they did not do under that sort of pressure. I think that if I were in that situation, it would be easier said than done to have to prove I did not do what I was being accused of. I would probably panic because of the stress and what may happen to me as a result of legal actions.
Now there are also some other circumstances in which I would confess to a crime I did not commit. One of those circumstances would be if my family or friends were in jeopardy. This applies more to my family, but I would do it also for some very close friends. There are some cases, where you are forced to tell the truth or else someone will hurt or possible kill your family. Some of these cases are mostly overseas, but some are in the United States. One of these cases was in Iraq. Where the terrorists captured an American journalist, and threatened to kill him his family if he did not tell them certain things. In the end, the journalist told the terrorists what they wanted and the journalist got killed.
If you did not commit a crime, then do not own up to it unless you are in one of those rare circumstances where it is better to admit it than tell the truth and say you did not do it.

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