Scooter Incident

I spend a lot of time at CSSP and have a couple of close calls with people on scooters not paying attention and / or going to fast. I think those incidents have all been innocent enough. Yesterday ( 9/8) around 10 my dive buddy and I were at the plane by the door. We were forced to quickly move out of the way or get run down by a diver on a setup with twin side mounted tanks, dir gear and a scooter mounted underneath. He forced us out of the way and went into the plane. A couple of minutes later he came around the same way but didn't try and go through the door. He grazed me with his sound mount tank and I pushed him away as hard I could. Luckily for him he didn't come back. We could not find him up top so that we could report him to the office. I don't know who this guy was but he needs to be stopped before he hurts someone.


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