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Deep Thoughts Part II The Crucible

I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty, or at least should be considered innocent until all the facts are know. There are many people who like to hear things about others and believe the worst in them. For what? So that they don’t feel as guilty when they themselves do something miscreant. What happens when you are punished or regarded as “unethical” for something you didn’t do? You feel upset. You feel mad, betrayed and feel like there is an injustice done to you by the other person. Is it ever truly OK to talk about someone else’s personal life when they aren’t present because it has little or no effect to you and your life but merely entertainment? Would you even dare to tell the person of which you speak what all you have said and think of them and what they have supposedly done? No. You may say you know it’s true, know it in your heart, but you can never truly be sure where confronting them would always end up with you being correct 100% of the time. The grapevine's facts are hardly facts at all. They are merely what someone has been told and then passed down to others. The ones who sow the grape seed usually do so with malicious intent and without care of the the lack of authenticity. To judge someone, and to have the life in your hands, at your decision, is a power no one person should be able to have. Playing God is not a game, therefore, to judge someone, or convict them of something, or even accuse, should not be taken lightly. In criminal cases, our Miranda Rights are read to us when we are suspected for a crime. We are not treated like criminals, if there is some evidence suggesting us, we are given the chance to speak up for ourselves and more evidence is needed to condemn. Even then, condemning is merely the name, whereas in being considered unfavorable by society can be more demeaning. Life under the burden of bullying can be tiresome. Even the strong quake under cruel judgement from peers, coworkers and even family members. We should never resort to gossip even in the most tempting times because we know not what a person has been through or is going through. We know not what happens when they are at home with their wife, husband, mom, dad, grandparent, sibling, relative or significant other. This is not known to us unless we have been there with that person their whole life and in their mind and know their feelings. It is impossible to know someone’s exact feelings and thoughts and their reasons behind everything and be able to justify judging them. Every person on earth makes mistakes. Just because one person is thought to have done something doesn’t make it true nor does it make it OK to talk bad about them behind their back. Cruelty is for children who know no better because of failure in their parent’s role.

“Children are very cruel, yes. Of course. Children are extraordinary cruel little creatures.” -Dennis Potter

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