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Anticipation/Reaction Guide to The Crucible

Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.
Many people have different interpretations of what courage means. The definition of courage in the dictionary is ďthe ability to do something that frightens oneĒ. I agree with this statement because when you are putting yourself on the line to doing anything that you normally would not do because it frightens you, is the meaning of courage. Some think it is only when you are in the army force because the courage you have, is to die on the field to save our country. Courage can mean anything to anyone.
Some say that fighting is the only way you can have courage. Letís take an example; a bigger kid hits you in the face, and you decide to walk away instead of listening to your peers. That is a very difficult choice because the other children may call you a chicken or worse names, and you had the courage to walk away; instead of getting beaten more or fighting back. Letís say you decide to punch them even though you are half their weight; that also takes courage because you are willing to lose the fight to prove you are not a chicken.
Some acts of courage are extreme and others are average. An extreme act would be taking a bullet for your best friend. I know that many people have said this to others, but when it comes down to it would they actually go through with it? There is no knowing for sure what they would do, but if they took that bullet that is very courageous. You are choosing their life over yours. An average act would be confronting someone. It takes a lot to go to a person and tell them how you feel or why they messed up. For me it is difficult to confront someone because I get scared about the end result. Many people let others walk all over them and that is not necessary or right. You have to get that courage and use it at the right time.
Giving blood to the Red Cross and other organizations is very scary. Yet people do it every day. Some may say that because millions of people do it, it is not an act of courage. A question to think about is; does the repetition of an act make something uncourageous? The answer to that question varies among everyone that has a voice. But in my eyes no it does not because yet millions do it, you are one of the million that is contributing.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you could say the same about courage. In someone elseís eyes a courageous act could be seen as stupid and naÔve, but in another pair of eyes it would be an honor to see that act being portrayed. Courage can be shown in anyone and in any act that you fear; itís the feeling that comes up from your toes until it reaches your brain. Courage is doing something that you fear.

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