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more deep thoughts

More Deep Thoughts

Before I read The Crucible, I thought I had a deep understanding of the statements that I responded to before. My thoughts have changed since I read the play, and since I have seen the film. “Confessing to a crime you didn’t commit in order to avoid punishment is wise.” In this case, it is not wise. In the play, there were many people who tried to say that they were not involved in witchcraft, but that only made it worse. Tituba said that she was not involved, but then she was whipped. Once she confessed, she had to give her life to God and ask for forgiveness, and the she was forgiven.
“The difference between right and wrong is clear.” I am now sure that this is not correct. What changed my mind was the idea that people were accused of being witches. These people were accused when they did not know that what they were doing was wrong. Elizabeth Proctor for example was accused by Abigail because of a poppet that Mary Warren had given her. Elizabeth did not know that doll would have gotten her into any kind of trouble; she did not know that was wrong.
“It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life.” John Proctor is a good example of this. He signed his name to say that he was a witch, when he was not. The document was going to be viewed as public, but he did not want that. John was eventually hanged for protecting his name. He died a God-fearing man, and he had a restored relationship with God.
“Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.” Mary Warren showed good amount courage in the play. At the beginning of the play, she was a very quiet girl and showed fear. As she got more power, she projected herself and became apart of the court and manipulated witches. Towards the end, once her guilt took over, she stood by Proctor and became a witness in court.
“It’s more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesn’t forgive you.” This automatically reminds me of the relationship with John and his wife, Elizabeth. After John committed the crime of adultery, it is hard for Elizabeth to completely trust John. John tries to be a better husband to Elizabeth, by letting Abigail know that he does not want to be with her. John and Elizabeth’s love is highlighted by the end of the play, where they share their last words with each before John gets hanged.
“That which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.” I still agree with this statement. In The Crucible, John and Elizabeth’s relationship is still in the process of getting healed after John cheated. Elizabeth is still cautious of John when he mentions Abby. She stays by John and is supportive of him, even though they went through some hard times. By the end, they say some loving words to each other, letting each other know that they still have love for one another.

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