September 26, 2013
There were a few items of interest brought up at the Pension Board meeting yesterday:
1. Plan Attorney Bob Klausner stated that our Board has more
Policies & Procedures than any other Plan he has ever encountered.
THANK YOU Mr. Klausner!!!, I have stated this many times in the last 2 years.
2. Plan Attorney stated there needed to be a schedule listed of the Salaries ,
Benefits,Duties, and required Qualifications of Office Staff, so present and future
Trustee,s have knowledge as to what the workings of the staff curtails.
I feel there should be a Chain of Command set up also.
Trustee Bogush has brought this up SEVERAL times in the past 2 years with no
action taken by the Board.
3. Attorney Klausner asked the Board to let him respond to the Artz Law Suit with an addition for the Plan to seek Attorney fees , if the Board should win
the case. If the Board wins the case this will also add costs to all the
class members , each, to pay their share of the Attorney fees. Could be
$ 5000.00 per person ,( Five Thousand ) or more to date.
4. It was also stated that the Board voted at a previous meeting to allow Attorney
Klausner to seek Attorney fees in the Ribaya case almost $100,000.00
( One Hundred Thousand Dollars ) to date, for Pension Board Attorneys.
In my opinion ( I am not an attorney ) but I have read ; Fl. Statutes 57.101
and Fl. Statutes 286.011 and Attorney fees can not be collected unless it is
deemed frivolous. Which in my opinion it is not !
5. Policy 107 and added Policy 107A, was passed so it conformed with the
State Law which goes in effect on October 1, 2013 which requires that
the Public must be allowed to speak on subjects , prior to these subjects being
voted on by the Board of Trustee,s.
6. Attorney Klausner Stated to the Board that he felt the Pension Contract needed
to be rewritten to clear up some of the confusing topics and make it easier to
read. Chairman Griner asked All the Trustee,s put their individual input into this
item so as to get a General idea of the Trustee,s for next Board meeting. Trustee
Gray suggested that the Chair appoint a committee to study this item but it was
decided to get All the Trustee,s input by next Board meeting.
I spoke on the 2 minute Public Comment time and related to the Trustee,s
the numerous replys to my post about this subject at the Committee #1
meeting. I asked them to be VERY cautious on how they present any changes as
it is of UTMOST concern to All of us retiree,s.
Sam Sinardi also spoke on the 2 minute comment time and he reinterated my

Tampa Fire Rescue ( Ret. ) District Chief Fred Urbuteit

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