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Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome. This is a valid statement and I fully agree with it, as should everyone else. If anyone puts something at risk, such as putting their life on the line, or having the possibility of losing something very valuable to them such as a limb or even a loved one or friend or family member, to do something, they either have a lot of courage or are simply stupid. The definition of courage is simply, “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.” If one risks such valuable things (life, limbs, and/or loved ones/friends, etc.) for something with meaning to them, then that person surely has courage.

When I hear of courage, my mind usually goes straight to our military. Upon this thought, I thank all of our soldiers putting their lives on the line every day just to keep me, my family, my friends, and my country safe at home. They fight for their country which their family lives in and therefore is very important to them. This is an example of courage. However, this is not the only example.

There are several more examples of courage, as each person in this world has a shot at being courageous in their lifetime at least once. Then there are some that have more than a few shots at courage. Whether a person admits to a mistake or not shows their courage alone. Everyone makes mistakes in life but only those with courage can admit to their mistakes and move on. Finding the guts to own up to something can take a lot, especially pending on the situation. Therefore it takes courage, and everyone has the shot at being courageous in life, because everyone will mess up at least once in their life.

Overall there are several challenges in life that people need to be courageous and face. All of these challenges have one thing in common too. They are all about the truth. A few examples of this may help explain. Say one person believes that something is wrong and everyone else in his or her class thinks it is right; then more than likely; this kid will be ridiculed, bullied, made fun of, and of course, challenged. This kid has the shot at finding courage to stand up for what is right, though no body may like him, especially not at the time he speaks out against it. However, in the long run, the truth, in which the kid stood up for, comes through and not only converts all of his classmates, but others around the school, and families connected to them, and so on. The truth can be very hard to stand up for at first, but it will be more than rewarding in the long run, especially in the eyes of God. Another example is when all of the martyrs mentioned in the Bible were killed; they were killed because they were standing up for the truth.

Again, courage can possibly kill you, it can possibly take away one of your more valuable treasures in life, but if it is for the truth, for a reason strong enough to put you in such a situation, surely you will be rewarded.

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