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Liver & Gallbladder flush

My question has to do with the liver and gallbladder flush. James, I watch a few of your videos with Markus and really enjoyed and appreciated the knowledge and information you provided as well as the many myths that you debunked. I absolutely plan on purchasing an ozone machine as well. I am a bit confused and curious about your stance on the liver and gallbladder flush which is becoming more common. I have seen many pictures and videos and testimonials which all seemed very genuine and real where people with the help of epsom salts to relax the bile ducts, and colon hydrotherapy and by doing the oliveoil/lemon juice protocol release many stones. These people released hardened calcified cholestero stones from their liver and gallbladder over time using this type of protocol. I would like to know your thoughts on it. I thought I heard someone say that you believed the stones were simply a result of the abundance of olive oil in the body and that the stones were not in the body previous to the olive oil. Is this correct? Please clarify. I really enjoy your work and respect what you do. Thank you


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