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That's is why good people run for town board. I believe Web isn't the whole problem. Other Board members can get involved more. Are THEY afraid of Web. Look at the E waste issue. Not one new member said they would check into it, etc. Same with Beach and Tower. Why so afraid of Web? I am a democrat and I have no problem getting what I want. Perhaps proof I am the best communicator. Look at the Veteran's Memorial. Other new Board members could have jumped into the issues but did nothing healthy. Made it worse.

Yes it is a thankless job. But if we are saying Web could do better. Yes. But so could the others.

When I walked into the meeting 2 months ago I was greeted with a sarcastic, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM, from Lou.

( I was wearing my nit hat and firecoat )

Did I cry about it. Yet these guys cry about removing a hat. At the Skaneateles meeting I was asked to remove my nit hat and I did. without calling Web a dictator.


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