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of the lotus


Lien Hua
Of Asian Descent; Black hair, green/hazel eyes, slim frame
20 years old

She sat on the beach, digging her bare feet into the sand. On her knees, she balanced a leather-bound book, tied shut with a long string of rawhide. She ran one of her long-fingered hands across it's cover, letting a smile play at her lips. It was late summer and the promise of chill was whispered by the wind, but right now, the sun was bright, and the sky was clear, and she finally knew what it meant to be free. Opening her journal, she bent over it, brushing back the dark hair that fell into her eyes. She let the string fall to the ground, picking up the quill that was laid out near-about there. Ever so gently she dipped it into the open bottle of ink, taking her time, enjoying that small, insignificant motion more than she could describe.

It was easy for her to block out her thoughts as she placed black strokes across blank paper. Quick motions, specklings for shadows; nothingness was formed into life, completed more with each quick glance upward she took, becoming a captured moment of the day. The sun, high above the surface of the ocean that rippled with waves, with gulls dotting horizon and cliffs surrounding the cove.

She had always appreciated beauty, wanted it, needed it. There had been very little in her life, and this was why she had started to draw. Her memories hadn't been enough.

Like a bird, she tipped her head to the side, leaning back and lifting the book off her lap. She held it in front of here, examining the angles she had created in a meticulous fashion, before letting her mouth quirk up into another smile. “Just as I see it..”, she whispered, to no one but herself, laying the journal down on the beach, open, as so to let the drawing dry.

Lien took a deep breath, ending it with a sigh as she stretched her legs out in front of her.

She was not use to this feeling.


ooc name: Snog

found: on the burdened

Lien Hua
child of the lotus

    • accepted -

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