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The Crucible (Deep Thoughts Response)

The Crucible (Deep Thoughts Response)
1. Confessing to a crime you didn't commit in order to avoid punishment is wise.
3. It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life.
4. There is only one correct way to interpret the Bible.
5. That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
7. Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.

I disagree with Statement 1 because by confessing, you are not only lying, but you are creating for yourself a negative reputation. I believe in standing up for oneself, no matter the consequences.

I agree with Statement 2 because it brings to mind what Jehovah's Witnesses did during WW2. Rather than to renounce their faith and live and go home to their families, freed from persecution at concentration camps, those strong in faith stood unmovable in their beliefs. Lying shows cowardness and lack of faith. Or there is also the encouraging examples of Jehovah's Witnesses in South Korea who are being thrown in prison because of their refusal of taking part of military service. They stand strong in their belief against killing or supporting the human war effort, and pay the consequence by being thrown in jail at such a young age, as soon as they finish school I believe. Yet their faith in God and his ability to save them stays trong.

I agree with Statement 4, that there is only one way to interpret the Bible. For example, some common religions (that use the Bible) believe in the Trinity. Which is the belief that the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are somehow only one individual. Yet other religions (who also use the Bible) believe that Jesus is God's son, so they are two seperate individuals, and the holy spirit is God's active force. They both can read the same verse, yet come out with totally different conclusions. They both can't be correct, especially since they are total opposites.

I agree with Statement 5 for many reasons. I see other people go through many tribulations, yet when they come out in the end, are stronger than ever. Also I agree from personal experience. In this past calendar year alone, I have lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer, my parents divorced, my dad has a girlfriend, and other things, which I choose not to write online. While these aren't all necessarily bad things, they all have a huge effect on my mental, spiritual, and emotional state of mind. Yet here I am, still standing, and stronger than ever in my faith. Tribulations haven't done away with me yet, and everyday I feel a little bit stronger.

I agree with Statement 7. Courage is the opposite of cowardess. Being a coward to me means shrinking back in fear of the responsibility and/or effect/consequence. But having courage is doing something, though you may still be scared or the deed itsel is extremely difficlt. So going back to faith, I know of a dear brother who was in his 90s when this occurred. He became ill and doctors pushed him to have a blood transfusion. Some may listen to a doctor because "doctor knows best". The doctors were telling him that if he didn't have a transfusion he would die. So this brother was facing garunteed death in the doctors eyes, if he did not have a blood transfusion. But he stood his ground because he knows God views blood as sacred. And he is still living, back to health. So this brother had courage, to stand up for what he knew was the right thing to do, even though he could have died.


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