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Job Vacancy

A vacancy has arisen in Warwickshire as the CEO of Warwickshire ACF. This is an ideal appointment for a retiring Captain or Major and it would be excellent if filled by a Fusilier.

The details are below:


Job Title: Cadet Executive Officer Job Grade: C2 (AHW)

Department Warwickshire & West Midlands (South Sector) Army Cadet Force

Reporting to: Deputy Chief Executive West Midland RFCA

Overall Purpose of Job

1. The Cadet Executive Officer (CEO) is a full-time employee of the RFCA.

2. He/She is also the professional adviser to Commandant (ACF), assisting him/her to carry out their responsibilities (as defined in the ACF Manual Para 1.043).

3. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Headquarters and Cadet Training Centre, supported by clerical Administrative Officers (AOs), a Cadet Quartermaster (CQM), Cadet Stores Assistant (CSA) and a number of Cadet Administrative Assistants (CAAs). The latter are also responsible for the administration of a group of detachments.

4. The CEO is responsible to West Midland RFCA in matters of organisation, administration and Health and Safety at work

Main Activities/Tasks

5. General Management of the Permanent Staff including annual appraisals, developing objectives, support and training;

6. Financial Management of Public and Non-Public funds including supervision and audit of all Non-Public Funds;

7. He/She is the designated Safeguarding Officer for the Sector and responsible for associated training including the annual delivery of the mandatory Safeguarding presentation to all adult volunteers;

8. He/she is the Establishment Security Officer (ESyO) as defined be LANDO 2901, responsible for the aspects of security as directed by HQ 143(WM) Brigade.

9. The implementation and administration of statutory regulations including the Children’s Act, Health and Safety at Work regulations, the Food Safety Act, Works Regulations and ACF Regulations.

10. Preparation of the Bi-Annual Cadet Report and associated documentation.

11. Organisation and administration of the ACF within the County including:

a. the annual camp,

b. the system organisation, testing and recording of the ACF Proficiency Certificate in accordance with regulations,

c. the overall supervision of the Westminster IT system within the Sector; the system provides a record for all personnel including training and qualification,

d. the collation of statistical information and returns for internal and external management control, including control and allocation of paid training days,

e. implementation of policy and maintenance of standards laid down for Citizenship, Chaplaincy, Medical services, DofE, Adventurous Training and attendance on courses,

f. appointment, vetting, training and posting of all Officers and Adult Instructors,

g. preparation and convening of ACF Officers Commissions Boards, including the pre CFCB and all CFCB Westbury paperwork

h. all day-to-day activities at the County Cadet Training Centre,

i. raising, disbanding and inspection of detachments.

12. Attendance at WM RFCA meetings as required and Secretary duties for local committees as directed by the Deputy Chief Executive and/or County Commandant.

13. Public relations for the ACF within the Sector.

14. Welfare of cadets and adults when on Cadet activities.

Health and Safety

15 Main responsibilities are to:

a. Act as Safety Officer for the functional control of the West Midland RFCA Health and Safety Policy and procedures relating to Army Cadet Force activities throughout the areas of responsibility.

b. Understand the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and all other relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice.

c. Establish and approve safe systems of work staff under control and periodically monitor and review those procedures to ensure they remain relevant and valid.

d. Identify the training needs of individuals or groups under control, liaising closely with Headquarters.

e. Ensure that risk assessments are carried out in all areas under control and that personnel are made aware of hazards identified by those assessments and that the requisite remedial control measures are applied.

f. Co-ordinate the investigation of all reportable accidents, dangerous occurrences and any other unusual or potentially hazardous incidents that are notified ensuring that all relevant information, copies of hazard reporting forms, accident reports etc. are forwarded to HQ 143 (WM) Brigade and West Midland RFCA.

g. Ensure that ‘good housekeeping’ standards are maintained at all times and that all areas are kept free from litter, bags, files, trailing telephone/computer cables and other slip, trip and fire hazards.

h. To appoint a County 4Cs Duty Holder (in accordance with JSP 375, volume 2, section 4, leaflet 34) to cover all ACF and selected other properties within the County.

i. Set a personal example.

Environmental Responsibilities

16. Main responsibilities are to monitor all waste generated through the areas under control

through formal inspection and ensure that all supervisors of annual camps and weekend training

centres are aware of the need to protect the environment.


17. Liaison as required with:

a. Sectors and County staff within other RFCAs.

b. Brigade staff and both Regular and Reserve Units (including CTT) on training matters.

c. Affiliated Commanders and staff on ACF matters.

d. Civil authorities, other cadet forces, youth organisations and education committees.

e. The ACFA (Army Cadet Force Association)

Additional Duties

18. this includes but is not limited to:

a. as a condition of employment, a CEO shall also obtain a commission with the ACF;

b. as an officer in the ACF and when in uniform, will assume any and all regimental duties as Directed by the Commandant;

c. when required, will attend annual and weekend camps and courses;

d. will provide own car, for which a travel allowance will be admissible when on duty. Home to place of work is not an entitlement.

Performance and Development Reports (PDR)

19. The CEO will be required to be assessed and reported upon his/her performance twice a year by his/her Line Manager.

20. The CEO will be required to assess and write PDRs, as Line Manager, on the CQM, CSA, CAAs and AOs within the County.


21. The CEO will be required to undergo Security Clearance (SC) in accordance with West Midland RFCA Security requirements. A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)* check will also be required.

22. The CEO will be required to sign annually and comply with the Security Operating Procedures (SyOps) for the use of the West Midland RFCA Local Area Network (LAN) and MOD Wide Area Network (WAN) relating to both voice and data on IT Systems.

*DBS replaced CRB check for those working in the cadet training environment

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