Congratulations Democrats.

We sold over 16 million vehicles last year. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Jeeps,Jeeps. Jeeps. Up from 15 mill. So don't you think understanding our crude oil production and future oil production, not natural gas, is important in the decisions we make when it comes to voting efficiently?

In my last film about energy and how us democrat/liberals are uneducated when it comes to this subject matter and also how we don't want to learn about it, ( yet we pretend to know it all... ) A vehicle bought today by a democrat will be sucking gas and puffing co2 for 11 years. So to plan, in the year 2020 where do you want to get the oil for these vehicles? What is wrong with us democrats that we can't answer this question honesty without getting upset. We use approx. 19 m/barrels per day, we produce only 7.3 of that, we import approx. 12m/bd and use 10 of that and export 2 in gas to South America, Mexico etc... The Sierra Club says we "EXPORT MOST OF OUR OIL". Not true. Dan Maffei and Rachel Maddow from the MSNBC show says the same... And some of you want to know why I like studying oil. Because us liberals are the worst when it comes to oil facts. And we Don't Care. That's what I'm fighting...Arrogance. For example, " all the oil goes to Japan/China " they say. Lazy liberal voters... READ.

Obama is opening up 38 million areas in the GULF that "could hold 400 million barrels of oil in an area 100 miles out to sea and 2 miles down. How much per drilling rig? Yet when I say we should be drilling in ANWR because it does hold 10 BILLION barrels in one area.
( cheaper drilling costs and safety ) So tell me fellow democrats, where you would drill. ( please don't tell me like the liberal guy at the town hall meeting, that " we have to get away from oil." as if I know nothing about alternatives... yet he drives his status seeking SUV. Small car not good enough? One of his tires takes 8 gallons of clean water to make, where as my like Geo tire takes 3. So don't talk to me about clean water... When you hit your big SUV brakes that big brake dust and big tire dust goes into Skaneateles Lake. Hope you feel guilty now.

FACTS: Us democrats are drilling in the GULF, again, for the gas to power our two ton, pearl painted, remote entry, fully loaded, SUVs Subarus, Volvos, and CRVs. Do you know 7% of oil for vehicles comes from offshore drilling and thanks to us liberals and our inability to drive low emission produced vehicles, are just as guilty.

I asked democrats and journalist this question. The world produces 78 million barrels of oil a day. 90 total if you count NG, ethanol, etc, ( see my film ) and EXXON produces how much of this 78million b/d? When I asked Hilary Clinton, Senator Gilibrand, Congressman Maffei and Senator Schumer's aid how much oil Exxon Produced per day, they ALL got it wrong. Who could this be? They said 30 to 50 million. The GREEN PARTY LADY SAID ZERO. wow... The answer is only 2. And only one comes from USA. And you think Exxon controls the oil market... Talk about liberal hatred... and profiling...

And Dan Maffei and others, still want to remove the Oil Subs for the oil industry with out knowing that they are not Oil subs, they are depletion allowances and foreign tax credits.
( see my film ) If you want to hate the industry, ( EXXON ) that supplies fuel to the 16 million vehicles, then keep it up but I will be here to mock this socialized behavior/ignorance. And some of you think that the Homo-Heads article was not PC. Wake up. STUDIE THE ISSUE. Don't be like David Rubin, Ex-Professor of Journalism at SU and writer for Post Standard, who I proved wrong.

Thank you for reading the energy truth.

if I am wrong tell me and win 100.00$


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