Re(2): Town council being sued by Jim Tracy

Can Lou prove $ was grossly wasted? If Lou can, then good. The jury will look at the one project mentioned in Lou's letter, and they will look at the one Jim did and they will see this:

one is three times the size. so naturally the cost would be that. But lets see what goes down and up.


If aggregate taxes are too high, like some of us democrats cry, then blame the state and federal dynamics. Then blame yourselves just as much for not getting more involved in national politics over the last 20 years. ( we are afraid to go after Maffei, Schumer, POST PUBLISHER, ETC., so we take it out on the local gov, ) ( how much is our fed paying to help balance the gov. in Nigeria and Angola where we get how much OIL? Why don't you know? Not important? Think again. What's that aircraft carrier cost? and democrats hate nuclear power...) How's the gas mileage on those high maintenance, fully loaded vehicles I see all the dems drive to the meetings.... See, it ALL DOES come back to OIL and #####ing about taxes.

Wait till the bill comes in for all the wounded soldiers. One local drives the big Audi for status, (why not a GM Spark? ) yet hates Exxon. Wow... And I'm seeing a shrink. God help me...

Doesn't Mary, who I voted for, so, no one can say I am one of WEB's lovers, have ideas to cut the S.A.V.E.S. emergency costs. 20.000.$$$ I would like to read more about this. Not saying it is good or bad. Remember, I am a journalist working for the Radical Borodino Bullett. If you want to write a letter or help support the upcoming issues then call Joe Blow Vecchio or Joyce Green. We can meet with u.

Thank you.

The Veteran's Memorial, as I have documented with memos to the board, needs electrical, paint, and general up-grades. Hope these contracts go to LOCALS even if it cost's 5% more. Cause that %5 extra for quality work helps keep the local area tighter and safer from terrorist attacks... Hillary said to me, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, JOE.

I know, Hilary. I know. Then we made love.


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