Syracuse CAN-AM 2014 Tournament

Here are the Brackets & Game Times:
(The first 2 Mens teams in each Bracket are from the US. The next 2 Mens teams in each Bracket are from Canada)

Sunnycrest Rink: Mens A
Barries Tavern
Baltimore BC
Keady Hawks

Sunnycrest Rink: Mens B
Rouse Point Roadrunners
Normadic Hourde

Sunnycrest Rink: Women
The Agents -(US)
Osgoode Nighthawks -(Canada)
Glenscott -(Canada)
Purma's -(Canada)
Croquettes -(Canada)

Meachem Rink: Mens A
Mooers Mafia
Valley Canucks

Meachem Rink: B
Syracuse BC
Clarkson BC

Sunnycrest Rink - Friday Night Games:
7:30 PM -- Rouse Point vs. Normadic Hourde
8:15 PM -- Barries Tavern vs. Baltimore BC
9:00 PM -- Keady Hawks vs. Rednecks
9:45 PM -- Broom-Shak vs. Vikings

Sunnycrest Rink - Saturday Games:
8:00 AM -- The Agents vs. Purma's
8:45 AM -- Osgoode Nighthawks vs. Glenscott
9:30 AM -- Barries Tavern vs. Keady Hawks
10:15 AM -- Rednecks vs. Baltimore BC
11:00 AM -- Croquettes vs. The Agents
11:45 AM -- Glenscott vs. Purma's
12:30 PM -- Normadic Hourde vs. Broom-Shak
1:15 PM -- Vikings vs. Rouse Point
2:00 PM -- Osgoode Nighthawks vs. Croquettes
2:45 PM -- Glenscott vs. The Agents
3:30 PM -- Barries Tavern vs. Rednecks
4:15 PM -- Baltimore BC vs. Keady Hawks
5:00 PM -- Osgoode Nighthawks vs. Purma's
5:45 PM -- Croquettes vs. Glenscott
6:30 PM -- Rouse Point vs. Broom-Shak
7:15 PM -- Vikings vs. Normadic Hourde
8:00 PM -- Osgoode Nighthawks vs. The Agents
8:45 PM -- Croquettes vs. Purma's

Meachem Rink - Friday Night Games:
7:30 PM -- Woody's vs. TSG/OFS
8:15 PM -- Clarkson College vs. TSG/T&W
9:00 PM -- Mooers Mafia vs. Valley Canucks
9:45 PM -- Syracuse BC vs. Pogo's

Meachem Rink -- Saturday Games:
9:00 AM -- Woody's vs. Mooers Mafia
9:45 AM -- Valley Canucks vs. TSG/OFS
10:30 AM -- Pogo's vs. Clarkson College
11:15 AM -- Syracuse BC vs. TSG/T&W
12:00 PM to 12:45 PM -- Idle Time
12:45 PM -- Valley Canucks vs. Woody's
1:30 PM -- Mooers Mafia vs. TSG/OFS
2:15 PM -- Pogo's vs. TSG/T&W
3:00 PM -- Syracuse BC vs. Clarkson College
(ALL Games Sunday are at: Sunnycrest Rink)

Sunnycrest Rink - Sunday Games:
8:00 AM Mens/1st Place Sunnycrest A vs 2nd Place Sunnycrest B
8:45 AM Mens/1st Place Sunnycrest B vs. 2nd Place Sunnycrest A
9:30 AM Mens/1st Place Meachem A vs. 2nd Place Meachem B
10:15 AM - Mens/1st Place Meachem B vs. 2nd Place Meachem A
11:00 AM Womens 1st Place vs. Womens 4th Place
11:45 AM Womens 2nd Place vs. Womens 3rd Place
12:30 PM Mens/Winner of 8:00 AM & 8:45 AM Game
1:15 PM Mens/Winner of 9:30 AM & 10:15 AM Game
2:00 PM Womens Championship Game
2:45 PM Mens Championship Game

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