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Name: Birch
Biological Sex: Female
Age: Approximately 600 years old, though she could be substantially older.
  • Birch stands approximately five feet, seven inches and weighs around 170lbs.
  • She has a muscular, stocky frame with very slight feminine curves; her muscle definition suggests a lifetime dedicated to battle and/or its preparation.
  • Birch has somewhat coarse black hair often worn in a single long braid down her back, and very pale green eyes.
  • Her skin is a dark olive hue and is a patchwork of scars. Her legs and face are largely free of these excluding a thin, jagged one across her left eye (from brow to cheek directly over the eye, she was incredibly lucky to keep it), but her back, stomach, arms, and hands are all covered, as are portions of her upper body/chest. Most of these are pale with age, though scattered here and there are some more recent ones. Aside from a general taut feeling brought on by their existence, she really only notices them in times of great cold (when they tend to swell and become stiff and painful, particularly her hands).
  • Her facial features are best classified as "exotic". She is pretty, but in a vaguely intimidating sort of way.

Defects: Along with Birch's extensive scarring, she is also a sufferer of PTSD. There is no exact term for this condition in her native language and sufferers are largely left to their own devices, so she's never really been able to get past it.
Personality: Birch is unusual. While she often appears fearless (though not without caution) and in control, in truth she is a rather haunted individual. She has an intense fear of standing bodies of water - even a full bathtub causes a rather fierce reaction - and can barely tolerate rain. She has frequent nightmares and, at times, would rather stay up for days at a time instead of be subjected to them. Birch is almost entirely silent; it's not that she's mute, and if spoken to she will reply, but she prefers to listen rather than speak and feels most at home when she is largely ignored or overlooked. Her silent, collected, and calm exterior hides a ferocity that is remarkable, though. Birch can explode into violence with little to no warning, and is deadly capable with a variety of weapons including her own body. She does not attack without reason, however, and is most ferocious when it comes to the protection of children and/or "her" family (she is incredibly loyal to Torram's family and will not accept any insult to them). As a Fyren, Birch was incapable of procreating until she found her True Mate, but as she never found him she could have no cubs of her own and thus is incredibly protective of children in general, even those outside "her" family. Despite now being a fairy, thanks to her trip here, much of who and what Birch is will still revolve around her Fyren heritage.
History: Little is known about Birch's history, and she isn't likely to share what she recalls any time soon. What we do know is that, for some reason, Birch bonded with Torram's family several generations ago and has served as one part nursemaid and one part guardian ever since; she even helped to see the family through a massive civil war that wiped out 99% of the other royal families. Birch seems to bond closely with one particular child each generation, Torram being the latest, and will accompany them on their Grand Tour (a journey across the country, intended to expand their learning as well as serve as a preemptive search for a spouse) then settle into the family mansion with them and their chosen spouse/future offspring. Birch has lost a few charges over the years, often to things she cannot fight such as illness or injury, but overall has been largely successful.
Arrival: While on Torram's Grand Tour, their small party was set upon by beasts known as Falverin (creatures similar to werewolves). Many were killed and Torram was badly injured. Birch threw herself over Torram in a last ditch effort to protect him from harm, praying desperately to her Gods for some sort of miracle to save them. Seemingly in response, Torram and Birch were yanked from their world and deposited into Shaman. They do not yet know just how different this place is from home...
Charge: Torram (see next post)

Coin Usage: If possible, I would like Birch to retain her native (Fyren) form. This form most closely resembles a cross between a large canine and a big cat, the closest Earth equivalents are a wolf and a lioness. She is entirely black excluding her snowy white face and front paws. Though she used to be able to transform at will, until she reaches higher magic levels this transition will usually occur only in times of great stress, particularly when she feels her charge, Torram, is endangered.

Player Name: Fennic
Contact: fennicfox33@gmail.com
Referrer: Georgia!

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