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2 Feb '20

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Name: Torram
Biological Sex: Male
Age: 16 years old
  • Torram takes his height and build from his mother's side: at sixteen he is already over six feet tall and, despite Birch's frequent attempts to "bulk him up", has a willowy build more suited to a swimmer or runner than a warrior.
  • Torram has light brown skin, vibrant gray eyes, and very soft (almost wispy) dark brown hair that he wears cut close to his head (if allowed to grow out it develops a (in his opinion) very feminine curl and tends to stick up everywhere at the slightest provocation).
  • Torram's facial features are most close to those of Greco-Roman heritage (not unlike Julius Cesar). He will be quite handsome as he ages, but is still somewhat in his awkward young adult stage (especially with those long limbs, he never knows what to do with his hands or how to stand, and sometimes when he walks they decide to go in all different directions!).

Defects: Other than some recurring nightmares revolving around the circumstances of his arrival here at Shaman, Torram has no defects.
Personality: Torram is a pretty average 16-year-old human, at least for the time and place he originates from (a more medieval sort of world). He is smart and bookish, his favorite activities being reading, writing, and avoiding sword training with Birch. Torram is very compassionate and kind; his parents were firm believers that their wealth and status obligated them to help those less fortunate than themselves so, growing up, Torram spent almost as much time at various charities (such as the shelters for orphans and homeless) as he did at home and in lessons. While naturally possessing a more gentle nature, that doesn't mean Torram is without his quirks or faults. Torram's temper is quick and hot but burns itself out all the faster for its heat, often leaving him feeling guilty and disappointed at his words or actions within minutes. He can be entitled and self-important at times, and struggles to make friends his own age for a variety of reasons (his mental age is typically older than his physical age, and he has trouble relating to "normal" children). Though he loves Birch like a second mother, he often feels constricted by her constant protectiveness. As a child he would often "escape" into the city and "pretend to be a normal boy" (he is still unaware that Birch accompanied him even on those trips, though in disguise). Torram has had a few close friends over the years, but his wealth, status, and Birch's presence has deterred more people than he'd like from approaching him.
History: Torram's life thus far has been pretty average for someone in his position and at his age. Unlike many other noble parents, Torram's mother and father both took an active interest in his upbringing so he has a very close bond with them and his five siblings (two older brothers, one younger brother, and two younger sisters). It will likely be very difficult for Torram to be apart from them, at least after the initial sense of freedom and awe wears off.
Guardian: Birch

Player Name: Fennic

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