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biological sex:_male
Apepearance:_six foot three inches broad shoulders and altheticly fit , caucasian with light tan( human), green eyes and long straight dark brown hair
personality:_stern and observive, strong and patient
history:_Thorolf Rongvalson is from the mountains of Augury vale grown up on a farm with his uncle his father died in the civil war to protect his land right of his farm and for his family but died in battle leaving Thorolf fatherless and was moved to his uncle where he lives now earning to go on raids and other forms of combat whichever he can take wanting nothing more than to fight and prove to his father that he will join him among their ancestors in a great bloody death.
sample post:_ thorolf looke around the farm waking to the early crow of the roster and stirring of the pigs, thorolf sat up from his bed of wool and sheepskin combing back his hair from his face and groanned as his uncle smiled at him ruffling his hair as he walked past him with the wooden bucket to milk the cow for morning milk " be sure to grab the eggs this morning lad dont want to go hungry now do we?" thorolf groaned and smiled " aye uncle i'll do it".
anything else you wish to include:_ thorolf is a farmer by birth and warrior by heart and will he carries a gualic gladius with him all the time it is the family sword of his father and will always have it upon him and upon the side of the leather and wooden core scabard it reads " who ever pulls this blade may not sheath it until blood be drawn."
players name:_Thorolf Rongvalson
how you found out about us :_ form looking on google for this type of world to rp

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