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nothing safe is worth the drive; NEW

elf. 22. unattached.

Norah Lynn Moreaux


Long brown hair. Coffee colored irises. Soft pink lips. Slightly tanned skin. Standing at 5'5. Slender & athletic build.

Outgoing. Sarcastic. Daredevil. Quick witted. Intelligent. Brave. Cactus covered marshmallow.

Small history: Ms. Moreaux was raised by her uncle, who was a trained warrior. Norah's parents disappeared after her birth, and no one knows where they went. Her uncle took over the task of taking care of the little child. Thus, he passed his powerful skills to his niece, focusing on her ability to defend herself. But her main focus was on the bow and arrow. Her uncle called her a magic woman with a bow. He used to say she would have to intentionally try not to hit a target, if she were to miss.

Played by Ali, otherwise known as Aligator.

Referred by snooping around on the internet.

Sample Post (recycled post):
Sunlight hit the window as the clouds had finally parted, allowing the young girl to see the sparkles of dust as they were fluttering through the air. Such a pity, all that dusting goes to waste for nothing. It lasts maybe what, a day? And then it’s back. There were so many things that seemed so trivial now. In the grand scheme of things, who cared if you dusted? Who cared if you vacuumed? There were several more important aspects of life now. There were supernatural beings out there. Some she knew not of. However, she did know about werewolves and vampires and their loathing for one another. But she wasn’t sure why they did. And she did not know of any other animals or creatures out there, maybe she will as she attempts to figure out herself, where she wants to go in life, what she even wants. Norah sighed, finally closing her eyes, allowing her head to rest against the glass. Her heart slowed to the rise and fall of her quiet breathing. It was time to move on, time to find a pack to care about… time to find a family. At that, her chocolate lenses flickered open and her long eyelashes beat twice before she finally stood to her full 5’4 frame. She sighed, turning away from the window whispering in her mind, time for a change.

Walking to her room, her tiny room, she looked around for a moment and realized what small possessions she had. She had never been blessed with enormous amounts of clothing, jewelry, and the finer things in life. Of course, being a younger girl she would have loved to have owned beautiful dresses, the finest shoes, and purses. None of that seemed to matter now, though. These possessions were simply that, things. Things she didn’t need, nor wanted any longer. Norah had grown up never needing things and she still had that mindset. She took what she needed and nothing more.

Happiness surrounded her heart for she had survived the transformation, she could survive on her own, if need be. But she didn’t want to. The wolf inside of her did not want her to be alone. And because of that, she knew she wouldn’t be happy unless she found someone, something, she knew not what, yet. But she would, eventually. Norah began packing her bags, she had decided on only bringing one with her. She wouldn’t need more than that. It was a pretty large suitcase, and older one that was heavy for the average woman to carry. Norah smirked a bit, thinking about how her strength had changed since she had been turned. Hoisting the bag unto her frumpy bed, she began packing the necessities. A book for the road, several slim fitting long sleeve shirts, jeans, running shorts, the typical girl clothing. The bare necessities makeup, hair brush, toothbrush… It’s just as if I’m packing for a sleep over, not a life changing experience.. She thought to herself. She took out the picture frame from her suitcase, the one that she had just placed in it, and looked at the photograph one last time. Her parents. They were gone. She didn’t need them. Placing the antique frame on her bed, she clicked the latches together, having packed all that she needed. Lifting the bag off of the bed, she walked briskly out of the door of the apartment, leaving behind all that she had known.

Walking into the Café seemed strange, all things considered. She stopped quietly, after walking in and standing off to the side, placing her suitcase on the ground next to her feet. She grabbed the train tickets out of her jacket, looking them over, smiling at the memory of the awful train ride that had brought her here. It would have gone a lot smoother had the weather cooperated. Norah didn’t mind the rain, but she had wished there had been something entertaining in the sky that morning. Such as, lightning. It was one of her favorite things, since childhood. The ride had been boring, bumpy, and the guy she had sat next to had awful morning breath. Couldn’t he taste it? It was foul. Maybe it was that she had super senses now, and she was already a super sensor when she was human. Smiling a little, she reached into her pocket and grabbed her last piece of gum. The real last piece. She handed it to the man as she slipped out of the seating area, patting him lightly on the shoulder as she left. || “Hmm,” || she said, remembering that now she was without a piece of gum. No matter, it was more of habit than the actual need. Shoving the ticket back in her pocket, after finding the name of the town she had entered, she walked up to the counter.

“I’m not much of a coffee drinker,” Norah said sweetly, smiling at the clerk, “But I would love a small hot chocolate please, no whipped cream, thank you.” She pulled out two dollars to pay for the hot chocolate, and slipped the clerk a $5 bill, as a tip. Norah was all about being chivalrous. She loved chivalry, being a romantic and all. And she always wanted to do unto others as would want done to her. Being a clerk at a Cafe was not the worst job, but it certainly wasn't one someone would want to end up doing the rest of their life. Certainly, she knew that. || “Thank you, kind gentleman.” || she said, flashing a sweet smile, not too much teeth to freak some one out, but just enough. There was hunger, she sensed in this young man, which is what brought her to give him a generous tip. She could see it in the young mans’ eyes as he grabbed the $5 bill hastily, gobbling it up as if it were something to eat. As her gaze, steady and unflinching grabbed his attention, his body released the tension and he seemed more relaxed now. Norah wondered what it was about her that made people feel calm, was it her eyes, her genuine smile? She pondered this thought while she was waiting for her hot chocolate to be served. She stood patiently by the counter, suitcase at her side; the young lupa crossed her arms, having one playing with her long brown hair, hips to the side in a seemingly casual stance. But, little did the clerk know, her ears alert, her eyes watching and patient were studying everything in the room. She didn't trust anyone, at this point, and why should she? New smells of threats and possible friends were everywhere, and they ranged from old to new.

played by Ali.

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