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Nothing gold can stay

Name: Bowen

Biological sex: Male

Appearance:Bowen stands at about 5'10. He will not grow to be much taller, finishing growth at around 5'11. His skin is relatively light and looks almost like coffee ice cream. He tans easily, but not drastically. The eyes of this boy are rare ones; green with a star of amber around the pupil (aka central heterochromia.) His hair is Chocolatey brown and as far as texture goes messy would be the best way to describe it. At least naturally. It is always made to look like he actually put some thought into his appearance. When it is like this, I would describe it best as the hairstyle Santiago Cabrera had in the later seasons of Merlin. Bowen has well defined features and his bone structure is very angled and sharp almost. He has high arching cheek bones and a "chiseled" jawline. To many people, his eyes remind them of a cat the way they are slightly angled (my best guess to describe would be like Olivia Wilde or Bradley James). All in all his facial structure has a very European look to it. Perhaps the only trait he has that is not rigid is his smile.

Defects: Bowen suffers from insomnia. He is also unlucky enough to have a form of synesthisa known as mirror touch synesthisa in which the individual suffering from the disorder experiences the same sensation (such as touch) that another person feels. In order for the feeling to take place, Bowen has to see someone being touched to feel it. The only risk this does not apply is when Nico is doing the touching i.e. when he is dueling with someone. He has learned some tricks to control it, but for the most part he can do nothing. Aside from that, Bowen is an arachnophob and a coulraphob.


Age: Approximately 16

Personality: Bowen's personality depends on his relationship to people. Those who he does not know will see him a very shy, introverted boy who laughs almost too much around them and who shakes and tears up when he talks to them. This makes giving speeches, something he has had to do many times, very difficult. Those who know him but are not overly close to him see a very intelligent, bright boy who keeps mostly to himself. Those who are closest to him, like his family, see Bowen as a smart, but very outgoing boy who loves a a good ride or being part of a sword fight. He is loyal just about to a fault, making him a great friend once you get to know him. It takes time to really understand Bowen because of his shyness. He does not trust overly well and very much dislikes sharing anything personal, even with those close to him. He enjoys reading and writing just as much as physical activity and loves a good logic puzzle. Bowen often works extremely hard to forge a good relationship with others but makes friends slowly due to his efforts focused on one person at a time. Bowen is thought to be extremely chivalrous, a trait he learned through dealing with his sisters. Despite his shyness, he has no problem judging others and is often very quick to. First impression are very important to him and he judges based off of them to get an idea of people. His humor is mainly derived of sarcasm.

History: To give a brief summary (this will be elaborated on in posts) Bowen was born the youngest in a royal family. He has a large family, with seven siblings, one of which being his twin sister who influenced most of his current actions with girls. He was considered the weakest because of his synesthesia which gave him an inability to fight in tournaments because of the pain other competitors went through. All five of his brothers were made knights at a young age and his sisters feared hunters and warriors. Bowen's parents were very protective of their youngest child and refused to let him fight in the fear that the wounds inflicted on others would pain and distract him, making him an easy target. So instead they taught him from books and the like and by the time he was fifteen Bowen was fluent in three languages and knew quite a good deal about herbs, healing, battle strategy, and the theory of fighting. His parents gave him the task of addressing their people at tournaments and giving speeches when they went to visit neighboring kingdoms or the outlying villages. He had a lot of difficulty found so because of his introversion and the fact that he suffered from glossophobia. When he wasn't studying though, Bowen would often ride down to the lower towns and make friends with the people there. They looked at his as one of them until he put on the crown his parents said he and his siblings had to wear when journeying out of the castle. Some of the townsfolk, despite the fact that the king and queen were nicer than past ones, despised the royal family and gave information to their enemies. The children had many as over the years they were challenged to duels to death and had won them. They had not done so because they wished to, but the grieving kings and queens of other kingdoms did not see it so. One king, Toren, sought revenge for his son and hired an assassin to kill Bowen and his siblings. He succeeded in the murder of each child except Bowen for one of the servants urged the boy to flee. He took his horse and ran through the forest, not knowing where he was. The assassin followed him, chasing him down and was about to kill him when Bowen just vanished. He doesn't know who or why. The last thing he remembers is a man holding a nice over his head.

Anything else you'd like to include: *slaps self and sends to corner* I couldn't help myself. Too much muse. I was going to do a sample post but I don't know id my iPod with live long enough.

Ooc name: Tomska

    • accepted -

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