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ho hey

piratess. 24. unattached.

Name – Josephine
Nickname – Jo
Age- 24

Appearance- Body structure wise, Jo is seen as a strong gal, even if she only stands at 5’4. She has defined muscles from working on tough soil, sails and what have you. Color of her hair, dark brown, which typically holds a curl, those of the kind most women would die to naturally have. Wide eyes ready to explore. She has a sharp gaze and an uncompromising glare of a simmering emerald green – a signature look, if you will. She has beautiful womanly figure, with all assets designed to perfection. One peak at her and she is a divine creature.

Personality- She has a biting tongue which nearly always comes back to bite her, usually her double edged sword is dripping with sarcasm. She’s gifted with intelligence, but sometimes she questions herself. Her presence is a magnet for trouble – but has the fighters spirit, shall we say. Jo does not, or rarely, backs down from a confrontation – she’s headstrong and stubborn. However, as with most women, she has a softer side. Whether one is to ever see that side or not, he or she will find it takes some convincing. She does not trust or come to love easily, but if she does it is with the most ferocious passion one could imagine. Loving a challenge she’s always up for adventure. She’d be a great asset to have for any exploration or battle.

Small history- Before being swept away to sea, she was the darling daughter of the most cruel king, only wanting power and riches. Being the headstrong girl that she was, she refused to listen to any of her father’s, including her betrothal to the most feared king. In her disobedience she ran away – seeking to find refuge with the rebels of the kingdom. Upon her escape, her father drained the kingdom of its resources to find her, as her alliance with King James would bring him the most brilliant alliance. However, being the quick witted and intelligent 16 year old she was, she outsmarted her father and joined the bandits. The next 8 years of her life she moved on, leaving her past behind her and fabricating a whole new life – one of thieving, trickery. She eventually fabricated the story where she was simply a pirate’s child.

This allowed several lies to develop, and her eventual voyage which led her smack dab in the middle of Shaman. It was a sad affair, truly, for Jo was never prone to lying before. She began as a sweet girl but ended up with a terrible disposition. Now then, unfortunately, on her voyage to this land, they hit rocky waves and their ship crashed upon the rocks of the cove. She was flung out to sea; her body which was frail compared to the waves was flung about carelessly as a rag doll with a small child. She was flung unto the rocks where her head met the slabs and eventually lost her long term memory of her past – she knew her name and bits and pieces of her family history from long ago, but nothing else. Alas, all other members of the ship were lost in sea, drowned, smashed upon rocks, death surrounded her.

Sample post- “JO!” The shouts rang about the ship as they saw the storm reveling closer and closer to them. Stormy clouds were scattered all across the sky not allowing one single drip of light through. The thunder clapped, echoing across the stormy seas. Jo brushed along the men in her tight black pants and white button down mans’ shirt which did not fit her figure at all, allowing one shoulder to be exposed. Oh how her father would die if he saw her now. Her hair was flung up into a half pony, tendrils falling about her face and flying behind her in the wind as she made her way towards the Captain. How fitting would it be if his name was Captain Hook, yes, very similar to the Peter Pan story of old. Jo used to joke with him and eventually ended up calling him that at age 18 when she had joined. Now 24, she was a necessary asset to crew as she knew how to read the waters, the sky, and was an excellent tracker of other ships. No one knew how, neither did she, really… but she was nonetheless. Finally arriving at the helm, she looked out and a small sarcastic smile crossed her lips. Now, now are we a little ‘fraid of rain, Capt’in? A sly smile spread across his features as his warm green eyes glowered at the small girl in front of him. How had she ever come to them, really?

“No, no,” He grumbled and then pointed ahead. Her glittering green eyes glided across the waves and saw the rocky side of what seemed to be a mountainous structure. How very strange she had not noticed. Ah, yes. Our destination. Didn’tya know there were pirates, here? A small giggle passed from her mouth to his ears as she patted him on the shoulder and walked away. Unknowningly though, the storm was ever close, ever more perturbing than the crew had known. It was not of natural state, and that was why Jo was not able to comprehend it – to know what sort of dangers lurked. But within an hours time, the crew knew they were beyond saving.

Gripping tight to the sails, Jo helped the crew as they bolted down everything they could manage, bringing the sails in so as to minimize the damage that would be done to their beloved ship. But nothing they could do would stop the gods from destroying their happy voyage, their seeking for a new and better life. No, the gods chose for one survivor. One lone girl who truly never belonged anywhere. But here she was, in their sea. And they would take her. Here, take the sails! She called to one of the burlier men. As soon as he took over, she moved on to find her Captain, the one who always took care of everything. She was jumping up the stairs with record speed when the first wave slammed into the side, knocking her off her feet against the railing. Gathering her surroundings she looked about the ship, splinters of wood were flying, the crew was scattering, leaving their duties – allowing the sails fly. The captain was nowhere to be seen. With anger burning in her lungs, along with the salt at the back of her throat, she raised her voice against the thunder and lighting, Get back to your stations and bring the sails down! She screamed as manly as she could.

Suddenly a strong hand grabbed her arm and spun her around. It was the Captain. Stony faced he looked at her with anger, this was his duty, his crew and his ship. Who was she to try and give orders to his men. Knowing this gaze, she shot her most glaring signature look back at him, haughtily clenching her jaw and violently jerked her shoulder away from him. Don’t give me that look, man your deck. She stated before another wave hit. Before she knew it, they were all displaced, scattered about the ship. And she was thrown to the side, gripping unto the railing as she slid off of the ship as it tilted to its side. It was dangerously tipping, and she felt nearly certain she was about to die. Not wanting to give up so easily to fate, she dug her fingernails into the wood and kicked her leg up over the railing. Maybe someday, but today… She gasped as she flung her body over back into the ship safely, is not that day! She panted, sitting next to the railing as the ship slammed back into the waters. Her shirt was torn, the buttons has been ripped off exposing her undergarments partly, chest rising and falling as she panted. Jo raised herself unto her feet and found many of the crew were injured badly from the ships rocking. Her emerald eyes scanned the crowd for the captain but he was nowhere to be found. Again.

That was when it happened, they crashed into the side of the rocks. The rocks that had seemed so far away. The rocks that they were headed towards but not intending to hit. The waves, the ocean, fate itself, had a different plan. Josephine was thrown out of the boat unto the rocks, safe enough not to be hit by splinters, not to be hit by the flying canons, or other items being flung off the ship. Everything was destroyed, everyone had died. Jo lay semi-consciously against the rocks, plastered against the sharp edges. She would be lucky if she had no damage, if she broke no bones, but fate was having its fun today. Moaning slightly, she rolled over to look at where she was and what had happened. The ship was gone, only floating boards and the mast poking out of the water gave an answer to what had happened. One of the sails had been flung close to her, caught on one of the sharp edges she was lucky enough to land herself upon. Not knowing how she herself was yet, she crawled towards the edge of the rocks to look down, to see, to hope. Nothing was left though. She moved closer to the sail, hoping to grab it, to have something physical to hold unto. On all fours she made her way there and grabbed the edge of the white material – it was then she noticed blood. Blood dripped unto the fabric as she grabbed it, looking at it bewildered she reached up for her face and felt the huge gash against her skull alongside her temple to her cheek. Well, damn. she exclaimed pulling the fabric nearer to her as she backed away from the edge. There was no way she was risking the perils of the rocks right now, she pulled around her body and laid upon the rocks, too tired to move. And there she lay, unconscious as the storm left her, allowing her body to be hit with small patters of rain.

played by Ali.

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