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*i will shut the world away

" There's moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you're gonna be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. Sometimes they're not. "

*Name: Tarquin

*Biological sex: Male

Quinn is androgynous and on the angled slender side considering all the martial arts training, fighting, and everything else he's done. He is around one hundred and sixty-two pounds or so, and doesn't retain a whole lot of visable muscle but there is enough to define him well. Quinn is about six feet two and quite graceful with long legs and neck and tapered, elegant fingers. He has an oval-square shape to his face with a wide narrow nose and eyebrows not too masculine, but not quite feminine either. There is a good spanse of forehead and a rounded but softly dimpled chin, with full and shapely lips.

He is a bit pale, and his hair is naturally auburns; but he dyes it blonde or white, normally. Here and there he will add a different color, though, and sometimes he will grow his hair out or cut it shorter. He usually likes it long enough to style, and straight for the most part. Quinn has tri-color brown eyes in wide-almond shape that might remind someone of a tiger-eye gemstone. The polished metallic golden kind that starts with the gleaming shine of a pale bright gold-yellow, then a bold, hearty gold-brown followed by a dark, warm, woodsy golden.

As for body art; there are a few tattoos. Roses, a clock/compass, bats, a skull, a sparrow, snowflakes, a puffer fish, a starfish, a jellyfish.... the fish thing is kind of a joke to Quinn, some diamond shapes, a shamrock, a scrawled symbol, scripting, and an assortment of smaller things. There is also rune symbols in tattooed along the left side of his neck that has faded to barely visable. He has a gage in his left ear and a tongue piercing, though he has had other lip piercings from time to time. His style is whatever he wants it to be. Half naked. There's a style he likes. If he doesn't have to wear a shirt, then he won't.

*Defects: Sterile.

Age: 2,864

Sample post:
Sometimes he wonders what happened to having real ambition. Where had it gone, and why had he stopped caring? That had never been like him before, and yet.. Something had snapped after losing Sirius. Up until then he was still going, still keeping up with things and looking for more. It was a wonder it had lasted that long, to be honest. Yet even in the place before he'd had goals to occupy his mind. That had been enough, and now? Now there was nothing overall. He felt conflicted with that fact, and he didn't like it.

There was no real purpose for Quinn; he hadn't been that lucky by birth. A middle child between the heir and the progeny; that was all he had to claim. A meaningless spot and title, though he does suppose that now he would be what was left of them all. A strange notion, but possible. Not that any of it mattered now. So little mattered now. There was nothing to claim of Raiz or his dam, either. The connection through Raiz to those higher was more a thing that brought him shame instead of anything else. Quinn thought those with power and no drive for anything but selfishness was petty and worthless.

He knows that there were deities here, but he doesn't respect any of them yet. Maybe he never would, that would remain to be seen. It all depended on them, if they did anything of worth. Quinn's opinion on such creatures had never been very high to begin with. Almost, once. It had all crashed and burned. He had burned. And it wasn't the pain of that which set his mind so firmly against them. Mindless rage was one thing, the disregarding of one's morals -- certainly when they did not have many to begin with -- and general personal views and goals was another.

Quinn was calm and unfrazzled by the surprised state of the male after having been seen, though he did note the red hue soaking through the skin of the man's face. That was always a nice touch; Quinn did so enjoy a blush on others. It was a blood thing, more than likely. Or the reason as to why. It was hard to tell; perhaps both of those things. Either way, Quinn was quiet enough while he regarded the male after having spoken. Tree healing, then? None of it phazed him, not even a little bit. Lives before had proven to be much more powerful than this one, but power no longer seemed shiny and interesting to him. That was all in the past.

His expression did not change at the words spoken, but the last bit did cause a response; "Had you hit me, yes, you most assuredly would have been on fire." There's a hint of a smile in this second. It wasn't so much a threat as a warning, since Quinn would have instantly reacted to what he might have felt was an attack. Fire would be the first at his disposal, and so setting someone on fire wasn't a far cry as to what he would do without even thinking twice. He'd done it before and would probably do it again. This was how it went, and he couldn't find a true death anywhere. Not even to save his sanity.

Insanity was never far behind, though Quinn is glad he had kept a good grip on staying firmly in his mind instead of out of it of late. Too many years wasted on being a mindless beast. But it was an easy way to go in the long run, when death wouldn't come for good. Which was a bit depressing if he let himself think about it. He tried not to. With the man speaking again -- this time to give a name -- Quinn gives a nod to the male. "It could have been worse; but we all have our moments, do we not?" There's a rolling of his shoulders in a shrug. "I am Tarquin." Might as well offer a name back. That was polite, right?

Anything else you wish to include: New player coin used for Cheetah shapeshifting.
As a cheetah, Quinn is not the normal golden tan one might imagine when thinking of the large cat. Instead, his fur is a blue-grey color (classified naturally as white, despite actual color). He does have the spots as most cheetahs might, of course. Quinn is somewhat larger than most male cheetahs, gaining size more along the lines of a tiger but fully cheetah-bodied. He is lithe, curvy, streamlined with long legs and a slender body. His tail is quite long and flexible, and his face is expressive with eyes of the same color as normal though the hues slant more while in this form. Overall, he is as predatory and dangerous looking as any large, wild cat might appear to most.

*Your player name: cas
*How you found out about us (only required if joining for first time): Kate

T H E .. U N P R E T T Y .. B O Y *

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