Fir Chilis is the name given to the dense string of forested land that fills much of Blossom Forest. There are two different populations, depending on where in the land you are. To the north lays the deciduous forest, full of maples, oaks, birches, and beeches. To the south lay a coniferous forest full of pines and firs. No matter where you are, the trees shelter you from the sun and the rain and the snow. Take care not to get lost in the woods however - you may never find your way out. There are other dangerous here too - predators waiting for their own prey. While the land is prosperous they do not pose too much of a threat, but whenever famine or drought hits, they will attack anything... even other Putnar.

Those looking to hunt will find the forests well stocked - there are white-tailed deer, turkeys, red squirrels, chipmunks, mermots, and moose.



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The ghostly brute listened to her story, as he looked off into the distance. Anduin seemed interested in her family when she said that her brother's mate hadn't bonded with her pups. That... that's very generous of you. I'm sure the pups will look up to you one day, if they don't now. And Henadin, I'm sure he's very grateful towards you. But even as they had the conversation, he felt something falling apart in himself. He could hear the tone in her voice that was different from last time they meant. Kahlan wasn't the same Kahlan he'd met at the river long ago, and she admitted to it. All I can give you is friendship. All I can give you is friendship.All I can give you is friendship. All I can give you is friendship. Resonated like a gong in Anduin's mind. Maybe he didn't have a reason to live, maybe he should have let go when he had the chance.


Anduin lifted up his paw for Kahlan to inspect. I took care of myself but I didn't know what to do about my foot. It felt like something was hurt in there, but... I had to hunt. I would have died. And the headaches, I found some roots and herbs to take care of it... I'm not sure all of it is physical. I was just thinking about you. He said that part in his head, longing to say it out loud. The silence went on for a few more minutes as they began to walk towards the tree Kahlan had been talking about. Saw Tooth, if I may ask, is it a nice enough pack? I've been thinking about joining one, and maybe I could help you out a little bit. I mean, I could always bring back a rabbit or two for the pups and you...You know, just to help out. The brute said, his gray pillars walking next to Kahlan. Damn you, Anduin, she doesn't like you anymore! But that doesn't mean you can't help out. She looks like she's a wreck... But I could always just join Saw Tooth or another pack. His blue eyes swirled with unreadable emotions.

Ooc: I want this heartbreaking thing help form his character. So sorry for the wait, won't happen again<3


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