Re(1): Meet Mr Butane.


G.E.'s commitment to buy NG powered pick-ups is good. Will they be able to fill up on the NY State Thruway? Ask Mary Manapace. Extreme?

China and So. Korea to invest 2 b. in oil project in Iran.

UAE is building 4 nuclear plants. Saudi Arabia 16. with help from So. Korean companies and Mr Gates.

China and Pakistan are strengthening nuclear ties.

Unrest in Iraq. Remember we get approx. 400 to 500.000 barrels a day b/pd from there. That's part of the 9 million we import. We produce 7.3 million thanks to hydrofracking in the B fields in Dakota. Obama and us superior liberals tried to stop it with EPA laws on Birds. Now we brag about the increase.

Bush was right 2001 and in 2005. Opening up ANWR would have cut imports, pollution, increase economic growth, etc. That extra oil would be safer to get than in the Gulf, one hundred miles out. Were else are us liberals going to get the 8 million barrels of oil for our fully loaded, two ton, 420 grams of co2 per mile vehicles in 2025? ( we use approx. 18 m/bpd. Us liberal democrats are RESPONSIBLE for more than half that. So get real. What will Iraq be like in 2025? Planning for your kid's middle class future?? Tell Dam Maffei to drill in ANWR. Tell the Post Standard to cover this issue professionally.

The Joe Report. Hope you learned something...
more energy news next week.

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