Welcome to Ollivanders Wand Shop, ETS. 382 B.C. This is where (more often than not) students and adults in the wizarding world in the United Kingdom come to get their wands. The Ollivander family is one of the most distinguished in the wandmakers realm – so much so that witches and wizards have been known to come from all over the world to get their wand from them. Ailred Ollivander is the current head wandmaker for the Ollivander family, taking over for his father Garrick Ollivander after the second dark war. The Ollivanders still specialize in the unique core to wood bonding that revolutionized the way wandmakers around the world performed the craft. They are also still fond of immensely powerful magical substances (phoenix, unicorn and dragon) being enclosed in specially selected and complementary wandwoods. The wand chooses the wizard, so to obtain your unique wand please fill out the following questionnaire in character and Mr. Ollivander will find you the perfect wand.

Ollivanders Questionnaire

» Amortentia is the most powerful love potion of all time. It has a different aroma to everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive. What would the top three scents be if you got to smell Amortentia?

» What would you say your strongest subject in school is? What about weakest?

» If you had to choose three traits out of the following to best describe you, what would they be: Dignity, Honor, Passionate, Caring, Humorous, Conscientiousness, Impatient, Extraversion, Competitive, Neuroticism, Independent, Demanding, Studious, Shy and Quiet, Calm.

» A band of pixies has escaped! What do you do? Kill them, trap them with your natural skill, or cast a spell on them?

» If you were a magical object, which would you be? An invisibility cloak, a wand, a sorcerer’s stone, a horcrux, floo powder, or a racing broom.

» When did you get your wand (perhaps just before your first year at Hogwarts, or maybe you were on a mission for the Auror Office and your first wand snapped – so you’ve had to replace it with a new one a few years after school)? Where did you get your wand (at Ollivanders, the famous wandmaker in Britain; at ___, the popular French wandmaker; perhaps somewhere else)?

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